Exbel woods

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      “Ha” the medicham laughed as the meowth came through “I guess patience is key,” “Shut up,” the zoroark responded “wait don’t you have to do intros again.” Then the medical sighed as he pulled out a piece of paper “mew gave me this before I left, perhaps I should have read it in the first place”

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      “It first says and I quote, I’m sorry for getting people involved on such short notice I had to go somewhere so I decided to make a game for mewtwo to calm him down because he’s been stressed out so I picked the best pokémon and people for the job Riley, link, taren, neko, tweek, several others. celebi, dialga and palkia helped me pick you guys in fact I decided to let you all become a rescue team it’ll give you the edge on finding me, as that’s the only way to be able to return with my ‘special reward’, OH YEAH! dialga wants me to mention that you can take as much time as necessary but you should probably do so before the bad thing happens and to not keep you in suspense the bad thing i-” shun stopped and Ian asked “WHAT’S WRONG WHAT IS THE BAD THING,” “well… it’s ripped,” to which the zoroark responded “oh well that’s just grand isn’t it and also why isn’t mew asking our rescue team or even mewtwo or arceus instead of this ragtag team of… not even mostly pokémon this is- argh,” Then he sighs “well if mew wants them they must have something we don’t… wait” he then turns towards the vibrava “Wait you don’t wanna join, Ha fine surely mew doesn’t need everyone” then shun tries to intervene but jack winks at him and continues “It’s a shame well if you wanna stay here forever I guess it’s ok,”

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      “Mew… That’s what happened! Mew sent me here. Count me in, I’m ready to help.” People like me are always ready to help.

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      “WAAH! I don’t wanna stay here forever! Count me in!” The Vibrava responded, her wings flickering back and forth in distress even as she shouldered the leather bag. This was kidnap, plain and simple but there was no way she’d let herself get stuck here just to spite someone. Hopefully learning how to fight and explore wouldn’t be too hard. Who knows, it could even be fun!

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      ((Wow, I can’t even uphold my own words.
      But I feel like playing ‘that rebellious guy’… c: ))

      It would be a severe understatement to say Kageto was unamused.

      Amidst all the roaring, migraine-inducing chaos of anything and everything, the dark blue Bubble Frog indifferently and silently watched as things began to open up from his half-perch on a tree trunk, not too far away from aforementioned commotion. As far as his mind could pinpoint, the last thing he remembered was he was out training, honing his skills with his fellow clan mates before everything just went… pitch black- not consciously aware of whatever happened in between. He felt shivers of uneasy shock reverberate his body- the after effects could be felt even now- and he… was here. Just, dropped seemingly out of nowhere in seemingly nowhere in an unknown forest- unknown territory- with a crowd of unknown Pokemon… and not-quite-Pokemon?

      Arceus, may Darkrai have mercy on his soul- Gods, just tell him this was all a fabricated nightmare of some inhibited paranoia that His Patron Phantom felt the need he must confront.

      As he mused and chewed through his thoughts, his bubble-scarf fluttering in unease, he kept a wary ear and eye on everything that was unfolding. The conversation, the… others. He didn’t feel the need to word his presence, his thoughts, to them, not yet- he still needed to digest, after all. He didn’t even flinch when some materials were practically flung right at his face, a webbed hand singly catching it out of reflex. He narrowed his amber eyes at its contents, a ruffled bag and an old badge he supposed it served for identification.

      Identification for what, a rescue team?

      This was surely ridiculous if it wasn’t made clear already.

      The shiny Frogadier frowned, his scarf fluttering, expanding, and compressing in turn. It was too late to really call out for an appropriate ‘objection,’ but hell if he would just quietly accept being used as a pawn. “Hold it!” Kageto called out, his voice low but tone steady, his eyes closed in thought. As he said those two words, he balled his free hand into a fist and slammed behind him right at the tree trunk, unfazed by the slight rattling and shock from it. He paused, then tilted his head as if in slight wry inquiry. “… I admire the efforts, the determination. But if you think drawing seemingly random Pokemon and… ex-humans… out of a little hypothetical hat, haphazardly throwing them into a melting pot, and expecting them to be tangible enough to be molded right then and there…” He shook his head. His voice was ice cold at that point, but he couldn’t care less. His amber eyes were slits now as he continued. “Want to corner and shackle me into this with the inevitable ‘consequence’ such as abandonment? Fine, but I’m going to need a convincing explanation or elaboration if I am going to willingly do either. Starting with something that isn’t flushed and fluffed with this ‘prophetic, you are the Chosen One’ crap.”

      ((dat last paragraph… ha ha ha I’m such a nerd… dammit Edgeworth))

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      Looking down, Link saw the leather bag and the badge right on top of it. Tilting his head, he sat down pawing at the bag. He sighed annoyed, “Excuse me, but how am I supposed to put this on? I have paws, not hands. If you expect me to put it on your going to need to help me.” Link said, looking at the bag. “Also,” he said while still eyes casting down towards the bag. “I’m in, it sounds exciting.”
      He closed his eyes annoyed with himself, I wished I had Guy with me. Even if he is… at times a bothersome Treecko.

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      Jack seemed impressed by the frog’s tone, so he responded “well you only know what we know in the letter maybe mewtwo or arceus, heck he said he was with celebi and the bros of time & space maybe they know the waiting time to have an audience is almost centuries and finding them is longer but that,” he points to the badge “may be your ticket to answers and the aforementioned reward, if you must know about us team delta our mission was to essentially babysit and guide the humans and anyone else until they were ready for this mystery mission, and the only way to do it was for you to become a rescue team or something similar if you need anything else please, dont hesitate to ask, and as for you.” He then turned to the leafeon who was pawing at his bag, “Shun help him out a little.”