Characters (The Supervisors & Guards)

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      Rei’s temporary alternative character. (If someone else wishes to play him it’s alright)
      Kenshirou Yozukura:
      He is a guard in charge of supervising Building 4 of Nanba Prison. He has a crush on Hyakushiki, and is well aware that she has a crush on Hajime. He longs to exceed him, in order to prove himself to Hyakushiki. He is likened to a Dog. His preferred weapon is his whip. He is a hardworker, and before coming to Nanba prison was a police officer.

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      Rei’s alternative Nanba Character:
      Enki Gokuu
      bio/ spoiler alert:
      “He has long white and red hair, with a long ponytail which acts like a tail. He has multiple piercings on his left ear and wears a golden choker. He is usually seen with a serious expression. When he was younger, he was usually seen training. He was strong enough to break a boulder in two with a single strike, mediate underwater and even studied diligently. He also was often seen with Samon by his side. According to Liang and Upa, Enki used to be in charge of a prison in China where he cruelly beat up inmates to become stronger. Liang was terrified at the thought that he would be next but Enki was transferred to Nanba Prison. Formerly the supervising officer of Building 5, he was well-respected and admired by the many fellow guards and even inmates throughout Nanba Prison. He was also considered indispensable to Building 5 and Nanba Prison. However, according to Liang and Upa, Enki had continued to cruelly beat up inmates in Nanba Prison which causes inmates to fear Enki. Enki had built an underground prison beneath Building 5, and has a secret archive room which has data on certain dangerous criminals, later discovered by Jyugo, that Enki was aware that Jyugo was part of a human experiment. After betraying his co-workers and killing an inmate, later revealed to be Elf. He was apprehended and arrested by his co-workers. He now resides in the underground prison of Building 5. Some time ago, Enki faced someone with blades similar to Jyugo. The mysterious person managed to injure Enki’s left arm and Enki called him a monster. Since then, Enki was searching for him.” (Source: Wikipedia)

    • Kokoriki Daisen
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      Ah, yes hello I am Kokoriki and I am here. *Slightly smiled*

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      //Oh oh, does anyone object to me roleplaying Hitoshi Sugoroku as an alternative character? Is he taken?

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      well some characters may not want to engage with others as they may already have their set stories, but good for you to ask.

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      // Apple chan! No one is using that one right now so you go ahead and play Hitoshi Sugoroku at your alt. here. //

    • Houzuki Sanzo
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      I use hozuki sanzo as my characters human form since my name is already hozuki the ogre but I use it so I’m reporting here. * salutes the warden *