The Grand Hall Banquet

    • Reimu Hakurei
    • #142017

      [This is the grand hall of the town which is housed in an old abandoned church on the top of the mountains hill that was decorated entirely for the festive events of the Christmas holidays. She does the décor for each event with help from her friends that offer to.]

      *Reimu smiled as she had set out a table full of food and sweets she had been sent by her kind kitsune friend and finished hanging up garland and lights for a big Christmas tree in the grass outside and hoped that she would have some friends and maybe some of the new arrivals to feel a sense of the holidays with a happy and festive mood about in the air. Smiling she finished setting up everything and went to hand out invitations for all her friends to let them know they are welcomed as well as the new arrivals to this new world and welcome everyone to celebrate with friends.* “Hello minna, welcome to the holiday party! Have some food and eggnog with sweets and even hot cocoa with friends and your families!”