Sections of the Mausoleum

    • Seiga Kaku
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      The mausoleum is split into 7 sections:

      Yang (Dark) Section: A gloomy cavernous area with no distinguishing features. The largest area that serves as an entrance to the mausoleum. Often full of undead creatures.

      Yin (Light) Section: The innermost section where the black crystal is kept in the center. A well-lit labyrinth that exits to a modest room where Seiga sleeps. Most monsters only use this area as a hiding place, and the clumsy ones get lost in it.

      Shui (Water) Section: A surprisingly deep pond with lotus flowers floating on it. Houses aquatic monsters. One room in this section is unusually cold, due to an abundance of frosty monsters there.

      Mu (Wood) Section: A grassland area outside of the cavern where monsters that need sunlight often hang about, especially plant-types. Boasts a large oak tree.

      Huo (Fire) Section: An area of the cavern deep underground where temperatures are high. Pools of magma can be found here and there.

      Tu (Earth) Section: An area with sandy floor and sandstone walls. Since the ground is soft, burrowing monsters usually hang around here.

      Jin (Metal) Section: A modernised area, built up from scrap metal by the monsters with an affinity for technology. The place sort of looks like an abandoned laboratory. Robotic monsters seem to be drawn to this bit.

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