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      //Feel free to make up your own monsters for the mausoleum using this forum. It’s recommended to use the template form and provide an image if you can.

      Source: (whether it came from a book/anime/game or it’s an original)
      Family: (undead/beast/humanoid/etc.)
      Strengths: (what it’s notorious for)
      Weaknesses: (how to beat it)
      Habitat: (where you’d normally expect to see it, if it needs sunlight/low temperature/water/stuff like that. The mausoleum may need to expand to accomodate them)
      Behaviour: (is it hostile? is it sneaky? is it timid? is it sleepy?)
      Roleplayability: (who is allowed to roleplay as this monster?)
      Notes: (anything else worth mentioning)

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      Name: Jiangshi
      Source: Mythology
      Family: Undead
      Strengths: Longevity. Able to drain qi (chi/mana/etc.) through physical contact.
      Weaknesses: Easily lured into pitfalls. If their talisman is removed, they become lifeless.
      Habitat: Anywhere gloomy
      Behaviour: Hostile, especially towards the living.
      Roleplayability: Everyone
      Notes: Jiangshi are Chinese hopping zombies that move exclusively by jumping. Varying in strength but normally about as strong as the average human.


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      Name: Goblin
      Source: Mythology/Various
      Family: Humanoid
      Strengths: Nimble.
      Weaknesses: Easily distracted by shiny things.
      Habitat: Fields/caves. They often make small lairs to hoard their loot.
      Behaviour: Hostile, greedy.
      Roleplayability: Everyone
      Notes: Goblins often attack in groups. They’re usually more concerned with robbing people rather than harming them.


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      Name: Keese
      Source: The Legend of Zelda
      Family: Aerial
      Strengths: Nimble. Flying.
      Weaknesses: Fragile. Often dies in one hit.
      Habitat: Anywhere dark
      Behaviour: Hostile
      Roleplayability: Everyone
      Notes: Keese are adaptable and come in multiple varieties including Fire Keese, Ice Keese and Thunder Keese. They often attack in small groups and rarely in large swarms.


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      Name: Mettaur
      Source: Mega Man
      Family: Machine
      Strengths: Able to fire bullets. Able to hide under its helmet to guard itself.
      Weaknesses: Unable to move, shoot or see while guarding.
      Habitat: Anywhere. Metal section preferred.
      Behaviour: Hostile. Usually stationary.
      Roleplayability: Everyone
      Notes: Defeated Mettaurs’ helmets can be used by roleplayers as shields, but will destabilise when exiting the area.


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      Name: Molten Larva
      Source: Original
      Family: Insect
      Strengths: Heat speeds up its metamorphosis. Has a defensive quartz shell in Quartzcoon state. Increased speed, mobility and firepower in Toasterfly state. Immune to damage from, and able to spit, magma.
      Weaknesses: Water, Ice. Unable to attack or move in Quartzcoon state. Tiny and squishy.
      Habitat: Fire section, badlands, anywhere near coal.
      Behaviour: Hostile. Idle in Quartzcoon state.
      Roleplayability: Apple
      Notes: Molten Larvae naturally metamorphosise into Quartzcoons and then Toasterflies over the course of a week or so. They often hang around in swarms. Quartzcoons can be used as thrown projectiles.

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