Visiting Red, the family's sacred blacksmith

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      Yep u did young one. *smiling and rubs ginkachi head with smiles and takes a look at brother tatewaki weapon and laughs* brother I have to fix it first then make it shine. U silly brother. But don’t worry about a thing. It be better then before.

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      // New RP// *While at the Assassin’s Creed and Blacksmith Inn, she learns a little about the lady that runs the place.* I see, well, this is great. I know where to come if I have need for a weapon. *She picks up her things after reading and learning of the place and heads off to her journey.*

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      Hello there. I not only make weapons. I make other things here. Also repartee weapons. If u know what kind of weapon u want let me k ow and I’ll have it made.