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      ‘Kay so, this chicken rp isn’t like you just nipping at the ground. It’s this big whole system where instead of humans that live in cities, it’s chickens. And the chickens ranch humans for eggs and food. Usually to sell to the other animals in the world. So instead of races, there’ll be other animals on a farm. Cows, pigs, dogs, etc, you get the idea. I’m sticking to the idea that chickens do not eat meat other than bugs. So they do NOT in any circumstance eat humans, no matter what you justify as an answer to them eating one. I will not allow it.
      In this rp, you will and can only be a chicken. You can be a worker chicken, so you can go to other cities and see how they work, and learn from them. Or you can ship things from Chicken Landia, to Dog Landia for example. You can keep in touch because it’s for work.
      For chicken students, you can have pen pals in other cities.

      On-words!  Oh wise on, please fill out the chicken character sheet.

      Job (if has):


      I’ll give you extra points if you can think of chicken puns for you name and bio.

    • Kit Apparently
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      Name: Henrietta Coxley

      Age: 17


      Personality: nervous. That is it. That is literally it.

      Appearance: she’s cream and brown with silver legs

      Likes: corn, her school, brad

      Dislikes: Jon Peters- you know, the farmer? Steve. Carlsberg. Ugh, and bugs. Nasty little creatures.

      Job (if has): school

      Bio: Extra/other: she has a dream she’ll fly one day, and her handwriting is more like chicken scratch. She’ll do henything to get into a good college.

      extra points if you can think of chicken puns for you name and bio

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      henything, I accept

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      henything, I accept :ppp

    • Wake
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      Name: Snidely Whiplash

      Age: 18

      Gender: Male

      Personality: Competitive, very cocky, the stereotypical badboy.

      Appearance: Jet-black dyed feathers, pierced beak, very large crest feathers (ladies ;))

      Likes: Ladies, rock music, motorcycles, guitar, the typical badboy stuff

      Dislikes: Good things.

      Bio: He is the coolest, and he will prove it.

    • Jazzy
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      Name: Fern Cluckens

      Age: 16

      Gender: Female

      Personality: Small, friendly, and active, sometimes shy with new animals. She’s helpful too. Has a good heart and soul.

      Appearance:  A golden Sebright chicken

      Likes: food, nice animals, flowers, things that shine, church, and books.

      Dislikes: loud noises, the dark, big things, silver sebright chickens (ew, such rude animals), sinners.

      Job: School

      Bio: She lives in a highly religious family and loves most things. She goes to the Cluckens Church in her neighborhood, her family owns church!

      Extra/other: Has a thing for her older brother and it is a sin.

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      What Snidely Whiplash looks like


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      Another pic of snidely, I am way too into this help

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      Final picture of snidely, as a human this time. I had nothing else to draw and I love him help