Second Life

    • Bell
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      You place your game helmet on your head. Suddenly a white light fills your field of vision. A female NPC appears to you.
      “Hello, and welcome to Second Life. This is your first time playing, so please give us a moment to scan your body and record your vocal frequency. That way, you will be able to immediately enter the game once you put the game helmet on.”
      You wait as your body is scanned
      “Right, now you may begin to create your character. Before you proceed, I must remind you that you will only have one chance to create a character. Once created, your race, name, and appearance cannot be changed. In order to preserve the realism of Second Life, each person may only have one account and one character, without exception.”
      “Please select a race.”
      The room now fills with seemingly living creatures. The races range from humans, elves, dark elves, dwarves, demons, holymen, beastmen (sub-species include wolves, birds, wildcats, etc) to spirits (ten sub-categories, including tree spirits, flower spirits, grass spirits, water spirits, air spirits, rock spirits)

      ((Added rules:
      1. No Godmoding…This includes no pokemon!!!
      2. I would like to start off with no OC’s if that is all right. PM me if you would like to add your OC.
      3. IRL? Want to work with idk…

      K that should be all for now…))

      With love,

    • cedertree
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      Lee shivered as he was surrounded by various creatures. Nervously he looked around. All of these choices, and he could only choose one. He didn’t want to be human. He wanted to be as far from his normal self as possible. The elves looked too much like humans. The same could be said about the dwarves and holy men. Some of the demons looked different but he didn’t want to look that much like a monster. Lee gave the crowd of things another once over and then they caught his eye. The beastmen looked interesting enough but not monstrous. “Beastmen” he told the NPC. Suddenly the room cleared, leaving only the various types of beastmen. After looking them over he knew what he wanted. This is such a good fit for me , he thought to himself. He looked up at the NPC and stated “Ugly Wolf”.

    • Thomas Laythorpe
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      ((Lolliby’s cajollement ability is too high. Plz mods nerf plz))

      *Feng looks around himself with glee at all the options. The Races alone! Beastmen, Elves, Demons! So many choices but who, or what, should he be?! It’s at this moment he realises his wife is missing, her presence gone from the room… He remembers he is a man who is loved for who he is; defined by his everpresent other half. He chooses human, customizes his avatar to appear as lifelike as possible changing only the clothes to be different; hoping to God she will recognise him in the crowd. She will come back to him. He knows it. He hopes for it.

      It has only being a few minutes but Feng never, ever wants to feel this lonely again.*

    • Thomas Laythorpe
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      ((Feng is Princes dad irl to clarify he has no first name in the Manga and is only known as Mr Feng))