Second Life OCs only

    • Bell
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      ((OCs only Version))

      You place your game helmet on your head. Suddenly a white light fills your field of vision. A female NPC appears to you.
      “Hello, and welcome to Second Life. This is your first time playing, so please give us a moment to scan your body and record your vocal frequency. That way, you will be able to immediately enter the game once you put the game helmet on.”
      You wait as your body is scanned
      “Right, now you may begin to create your character. Before you proceed, I must remind you that you will only have one chance to create a character. Once created, your race, name, and appearance cannot be changed. In order to preserve the realism of Second Life, each person may only have one account and one character, without exception.”
      “Please select a race.”
      The room now fills with seemingly living creatures. The races range from humans, elves, dark elves, dwarves, demons, holymen, beastmen (sub-species include wolves, birds, wildcats, etc) to spirits (ten sub-categories, including tree spirits, flower spirits, grass spirits, water spirits, air spirits, rock spirits)