Welcome to Clover Kingdom!!

This Black Clover RP Group is set in the Clover Kingdom and surrounding area. The events of this group can be both canon and non-canon. Canon Characters, OC’s and Crossover Characters welcomed.


1. Respect the admin and mods or die!
2. RP as if you’re in the Clover Kingdom setting
3. Ask before interrupting an ongoing rp.
4. No Spam or BS! We’ll just remove it.

Group admins

  • Profile picture of Yami Sukehiro (KurayamiNoMahou GalactoseBestiarusz)
  • Profile picture of Charlotte Roselei

Group mods

  • Profile picture of Yuno {WindMagicKnight}
  • Profile picture of Sol Kesia Marron +TerraMage+
  • Profile picture of Noelle Silva {WaterMagicKnight}