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    *Pokes a hole in the fourth wall* Happy Chinese New Year everyone! 1419368601501
    //Seiga's entry. Caution: it's unusually long compared to what I normally write. I've made a few assumptions about the sacred barriers so do correct me if any of them turn out to be wrong.//*Seiga Kaku, practitioner of the Taoist arts, had set up a summoning ritual in her room back in the old world. She was hoping to test a new ability, to summon her minion Yoshika Miyako from wherever she wanted.* An art like this would be very convenient indeed. It's a real shame I hadn't thought of it sooner. *Once everything was ready, she proceeded with the ritual, focusing all of her attention on getting the steps exactly right. What escaped her notice was a small mouse intruding the scene. The mouse scurried and scurried, and ended up crawling over Seiga's foot. Seiga felt an unusual tickling sensation and flinched, causing the ritual to be interrupted and bring about an unexpected alternate effect.**Instead of summoning her minion, Seiga (and the mouse) had been transported to the borderlands of Skyrie. She didn't feel all that surprised though, instead feeling peeved.* Foolish rat, do you have any idea what happens to those who get in my way? *She lifts the mouse by the tail and mercilessly flings it into the distance, bonking a sleeping giant on the head. The giant sluggishly awakens and roars loudly, interruping Seiga's train of thought as she tries to figure out what had happened to her.* Great. Another interruption. Have I been sent to the Realm of Annoyances? *She turns her attention to where she heard the noise to see the distant giant walking towards her with what looks like a frustrated expression. She knew this giant wouldn't be the kind to negotiate with, but decided to float up to meet it face-to-face regardless. Not long after that she was greeted with an overhead claw swipe, which she instictively acted upon and leapt backwards to avoid, stabilising herself a few meters back while still hovering in midair. It was now confirmed that the giant was hostile, and Seiga conjured around 10 white spirit orbs, each with electric sparks buzzing around them. She pointed at the giant and as if by command, the orbs all targeted the area she expected his heart to be, and launched themselves directly at it. This attack alone was enough to subdue it. The giant falls over backwards onto the ground.* Oh my, that was easy. I wonder if it'll talk now.*Seiga conjures up a talisman with Chinese text on it and places it on the giant's forehead. The giant reawakens and grunts, but is otherwise completely docile.* Good boy! Now, I command you to tell me where I am! *The giant responds with unintelligible grunts and moans. Seiga responds with obvious sarcasm.* Well you sure are helpful, aren't you? I suppose I'm really on my own then... *She rips off the talisman and the giant becomes lifeless again, causing it to slump over and collapse onto the ground once more.**Seiga spends a couple of hours exploring the borderlands, occasionally running into small groups of monsters, only to exterminate them and revive a few using her talismans, only to have them fight each other and save her the trouble. She and her little entourage eventually come across a bunch of fleeing refugees. Seiga was aware that bringing the monsters with her was likely to have already left a bad impression on them, so she decided to use more spirit orbs to dispose of the monsters in an attempt to deceive the refugees into believing she was on their side.**She had been told as much as the refugees know about the borderlands, which unfortunately wasn't much more than she could already piece together herself. Seiga reached the hideout, but had been stung by the barrier in place, repelling her from the area. She removes her hair accessory and tries using her power to open a hole in the barrier. The hole only ends up only large enough for a bug to pass through, and closes itself immediately after it was opened. Seiga notices people starting to grow suspicious of her, so she shrugs and leaves, taking a long-winded route around the hideout instead, to find the Skyrie tower where she notices a different group of travellers swarming towards it. Seiga tries joining them along this path and is surprised no such barrier is protecting the tower as well. She climbs the spiral staircase, making some light banter with the others until she enters the world of Skyrie.* Kaku.Seiga.full.1299423