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    –It was still early in the morning hours in the town and the young boy had gotten up and yawned stretching only to fix his bed then dress in his sleeves robes and only then would he go to the lower floor of the inn they rested at to meet his cousin Lan JingYi. They had not been night hunting recently as most things were silent or dormant in the last sixteen years but little did they know all was soon about to change that. He took a seat beside JingYi and was served a cup of tea as they had been listening to the words of a storyteller who had been telling the story of the heroic antics of the Yiling Patriarch Wei WuXian. He had not really remembered many of his memories from when he was younger so at this time he had not really remembered who WuXian was to him or his role in this story yet he still listened fully immersed in the words this man spoke. While he listed to JingYi asking questions every now and then this made Yuan wonder just what the patriarch was like and he wondered if he really didn’t die. so that he may meet him one day as he figured it may be a key to his memories. His inner thoughts seemed to think on this one trail of thoughts*

    “from the sounds of it really it does seem that this Yiling Patriarch Wei WuXian was a bad guy in everyone’s mind yet this story teller said that this man was once a noble gentry himself….so how could he have done everything bad this can’t be there must be another side to this story. I must find a way to meet him myself if he truly didn’t die sixteen years ago as the story says…”

    *He clenched the tea cup in his hands but was careful so he would not break it damaging the inn’s property yet he was a little on edge listening to the storyteller. As they saw the skies getting darker outside his sword shook on the table and he grabbed it as they then rushed to begin the job they have come here for. They traveled to Mo Family Manor to help them catch the spirits causing them troubles yet it was certain that this would be the place where Yuan would meet the one he wished to yet in a most unusual way. They were standing on the roof of the manor after they warned all not to come outside no matter what and they then heard the sound of a melody and he knew right away it was a melody of Gusu Lan and he wondered just who was playing it as he only heard the melody once as a young child when he was with the one who raised him as a brother and father, Lan Wangji and no other seemed to know this melody aside from them that he was aware of until now.*

    “JingYi this melody sounds familiar like a melody of Gusu i wonder where have we heard it before…” *He blinked as he heard the other male tell him that they couldnt have heard it as it was such a horribly played melody and they shook it off. He sighed them went to work as they got rid of the puppets and then saw the light bearing lord had arrived to purge them and the boys rushed out to meet him* Huangun-Jun what is this it has such strong energy?
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    –It was still early in the morning hours in the town and the young boy had gotten up and yawne
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      *It was still in the early stages of his return to the world that this took place and now as Mo Xuanyu he was now faced with keeping his identity of the Yiling Patriarch a secret from those who knew who he truly was. He was standing in the manor behind a pillar as he watched as Lan Wangji had made his appearance to assist the young disciples of Lan. As he admired him for a moment he then took off so that he would be seen by him and the others to be recongnized but it wasnt until they made way to the scene of the dancing peri that he had discovered just who he was and Wei Ying knew he could not hide it from his soul mate. Knowing that he would dare not tell a soul who he was he was taken back and then met with the disciples again and he stopped young Sizhui on the way from leaving the jingshi where the old master lan was resting* Are you alright?

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      *He saw him as he closed the door to the jingshi and he was surprised to see that the male had remained there which showed that he to was concerned about master lan’s health and he smiled only to go and meet with him* Senior Mo, I am alright it is just a bit that I feel of guilt as to what happened in Mo’s manor. I can not help but feel we are a bit responsible for it but you are right in what you said back there to hanguang-jun. *He gave a smile and did not feel scared at all as he knew that as long as one of the seniors him or lan zhan were near there was nothing to fear and this made him feel very reassured*

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      *Looking at him he gave a smile before he shook his head and then heard what he said about him being just like hanguang-jun as he knew back then they were like fire and ice yet now they were closer than ever since they had taken each other as each others jhu ji meaning soulmate. Since he had come back to the world he had been by his side and he was content in that as he realized Lan Zhan was right when he said that having one such a soulmate in this lifetime was enough and this thought made him smile as he looked to Sizhui and patted him on the shoulder* It is not you who should be responsible for what happened but the one who placed it there to begin with, you need not worry on this anymore rest assured that Hanguang-jun and i will handle it. *He went sit back on the railing where he was before waiting for the door of the jingshi to open and he would be able to ask lan zhan how his uncle was doing*