+The battlefield, to Lan Xichen it was a place where he would not often be due to his position and stature as the clan leader of lan of Gusu but he did know his way around in a fight if he need fight for worthy cause. He was sitting on the mat in the main hall of the Cloud Recesses and his eyes were shut in meditation as he often sat across from his uncle and burned the incense to calm their temperaments and keep their conscience clear. He would sometimes be joined by his brother Lan Wangji but these days he had noticed that his jade twin of Lan brother had often been distracted lately with the death of the one he held dear Wei WuXian. Xichen had come to notice the changes in his brother at the first signs of the two becoming soul mates and he was supportive of him yet he could only do so much from his standing. He held no ill will towards the young master Wei in the beginning and often asked his brother if Wei Ying had real skill and if they were at a tie when they would spar only to get a subtle response from him and this made Xichen only smile as he was happy to see that his almost emotionless and stoic brother becoming more of himself thanks to the other males influence. As he watched his brother with each day that passed since Wei WuXian had died he could see the pain and sorrow and he understood it being that to him it felt the same way when they had lost their mother in their hearts and Xichen closed his eyes as he could do or say nothing that would ease that pain and confusion he felt then at that time. He had chosen to allow his brother to continue his antic for the sake of keeping the male alive in his memories but this process had hurt Xichen to watch his brother almost seeming to destroy himself with sorrow and longing for the male. He had watched him play the Qin each day almost every day for weeks on end that would turn into years over time and he felt the sorrow and hurt as well as the longing feeling in his brothers notes inquiring the spirit only to gain no response of the Wei male+"Brother....come on it is time, you must eat something and keep your strength. I am most certain that if he were here to see you like this it would not ease his heart either as it does my own to see you." +Lan Xichen had gotten to his brothers side and the moment he had said these words for the first time he noticed a faint smile on the face of him and it truly stunned Xichen as he had never really noticed any hint of emotion from Wangji aside from their talks alone or the time with their mother but seeing it now made him feel the similarities of the pain and sorrow as well as the hurt missing his brother in law as he to had missed the antics he had to admit it did make the cloud recesses lively a place with him there and he was indeed a good instructor to the juniors when it came down to helping Wangji to train them in the night hunting ways.+{Sixteen years later} +Lam Xichen was in meditation and looking back on the recent years of watching his brother he had felt the sorrow of his own as the twin jade of lan watched from his side. He had finally understood what it felt like to miss someone yet he would not dare say aloud yet he could tell that his brother would know it right away being they had this sort of connection with each other and understood almost right away when anything was going on with both of them they need only look at each other and nod with no words said at all needed between them. These days he had not see much of his brother as he would often venture out from cloud recesses to travel around the areas and appear when and where ever chaos were taking place and Xichen knew it was the right thing to do but he also knew his brother was still in deep longing for his soul mate. He opened his eyes when he could stop and sense his brother had just returned and going over to the Jingshi he walked inside only to see him playing the Qin once again but this time seemed different. Xichen looked closer inside and he could see a male on his brothers bed laid out in black cloth robes and red streak ribbons in his hair and he silently gasped only to look over at his brother and he spoke ever so silently not to wake and alarm him but he wanted an account from his brother for this matter as no one could just simply bring someone into cloud recesses without valid reason or permission from him beforehand. He walked over and took a seat across from his brother but then got up to stand beside him when his brother went stand in the doorway not to wake Wei Ying as he had not yet recognized just who he was at this time but he had some suspicion as to why his brother would bring this male here of all places yet he knew he would need to find a way to verify this so he proceeded to ask Wangji+"Wangji, this is...? I think it is time you give me an account of just what is going on here don't you? Who is this and why have you brought him here? He seems to be uninjured so i do believe you need to tell me just what is going on with you as of late....you never make me worry for you all this time and now it seems you are becoming to much for me to handle. I sometimes wonder if my expectations for you may be to high." +Suddenly he could see his brother was silent but he waited for him to speak knowing that the two brothers would never keep anything from the other and he waited in silence but turned his attention to the sleeping male inside who had yet to awaken for a reason they did not know and he waited for his brother to answer him+ @untamedlanzhan tumblr_pys8wfFCRg1yva2jjo2_500