// Terribly Sorry everyone but I won’t be on for a little while I don’t think. Was woken up this morning by my mum wailing and rocking on her knees. We lost our Tups today. ( His name was actually Jasper ) 8971221F-BA94-44F9-825A-8857CAD97DF5
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    Little Witch Academia: Who doesn’t love an underdog? How about a feel good romp? A VERY animated series about a young girl who saw a magic show and it inspired her to be a witch so she could meet her hero. If only she had some skill or ability or restraint. But can she make up for it with heart and persistence? A magic adventure full of great characters, plots you wouldn’t expect and a feeling of pure joy. Give it a try and see if you start believing in the magic in yourself. BE24432A-9448-46C2-8BE8-40FD531805CF
    * Baird was outside the infirmary covered in dirt and grease having spent three days working on generators in hospital. Thinking he deserved a break he lay on the floor with his back leaning on a wall. Enjoying a brief moment of peace he pulled an old photo from a pocket. * Ah the good old days where being responsible for me a court marshal. 8653787A-EB9B-49F9-A74C-9D761A6885C1
    * The ground began to shake like an earthquake and a deafening horn shattered a few windows. * Woaaaaah there Betty. Alrighty boys and girls, cavalary is here. * Dizzy called out excitedly as his rig rolled to a stop outside the dinner. The size of the vehicle blocked the entire street and crushed any abandoned cars that fell in it’s path. Just behind a Centaur tank pulled up and a King Raven gunship circled overhead. A long ladder deployed from the side of the platform and the pod arms lowered to act as lifts. Dizzy kept the engine ticking over as a few Gears hoped off and secured the enterence. One particularly grizzled looking Gear in a bandana walked inside the dinner. * 2D7C7D20-6C1A-4D96-B242-1AA185CF4392
    Ok control. Signal’s good, all things considered. Satellites are in a stable orbit and even better they’re talking to each other. Can you believe that? Yeah yeah I get it. So long story short Hammer of Dawn is in planet wide operation. Just don’t burn this one ok? Didn’t help that much last time. 7FCEB98F-A122-4786-8C89-9DBC8A0CE31F
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    Correction, someone is here. * Paduk declared with a snub pistol drawn, loaded and aimed. * Figures, idiots. * Paduk rebutted as a direct response. * He stood watching and just waiting for an excuse. * A good sniper should relocate after every shot. You were clearly trained by an office worker. * He wasn’t impressed by what he saw before him. But he was never impressed by anything. * 6A4C2443-AFC2-4486-A2B6-7A10563DD25B
    That wasn’t natural. Someone took those missiles off course. * Paduk said watching though a longshot scope from a great distance. * So, you have friends that want you safe. Interesting. * He stood up and walked away from his position but had one last thing to say. * Futile. CFA68721-9421-4C74-8E1A-1FB4A4339D83
    * Gears were gathering in force to hear directly an important briefing and rallying speech. It was broadcast on every radio, every television and mobile device that still functioned. In the face of so much adversity a statement and directive needed to be made. * My fellow Gears, we left one crisis behind us when we came to this strange world and rolled straight into another one. We had no time to recover, no chance to relax and no opertunity to experience the best this land had to offer. Once again we do not understand our foe, once again the very ground beneath us is collapsing, once again countless lives are at stake and once again I am calling you all to action. Thanks to recent efforts of a few brave Gears we have discovered the source of this catastrophe and we must take action.Monsters prowl former bustling streets, winds sweep livelihoods away and the very buildings people came to for times of joy are collapsing on those now without hope. What I ask is no simple task and nor is it without risk but we are here to take that risk on behalf of those who can not. The hospitals overflow with the injured, supplies for the desperate dwindle and sanctuary for the masses decays with each passing moment. To that end I say this. No more! I want every Gear with a gun out there disposing of every last creature so that no family is sat crying at a hospital bedside. Ever Gear with a set tools are to rebuild what has been lost a thousand times over so that children can see progress and not carnage. If you have food for a day give half of it to those with none. We will sacrifice all that we are and all that we have so that that no one else has to. We will end the suffering. Slay every beast. Replace every brick and bring our full force to bare on whoever is responsible for such misery. For we are the COG and we are strong together! EA576D66-C81D-4503-AA01-2DC90F3AD43E
    Ahhhh. Another hard day’s work done and dusted. Well not dusted but you get the idea. Not really any point dusting with all this shit going on. These aught to help though. 61FA33DD-7973-4CFD-8C26-8A9FC7E13646
    * Finally Baird emerges from an underground tunnel with a handful or random refugees and badly beaten Gears. * Well. That’s was enough fun for one day. Ok people, days saved, we’re breathing and guys with guns and food are just there. * He said pointing to a city block that the COG had converted into a citadel fortress. * Now I have to go get in trouble by a grumpy old man. Good luck. 7E96E8C0-47E0-4A1D-B7FF-7954B99250BE
    // Busted prison and hospital I mentioned before. Feel free to use them. 99BC290C-CE60-4FC7-BEE9-86367C88AA6D6F725611-FBE2-4438-9330-CEB5431106B1
    // Busted prison and hospital I mentioned before. Feel free to use them. 99BC290C-CE60-4FC7-BEE9-86367C88AA6D6F725611-FBE2-4438-9330-CEB5431106B1
    // I don’t know if anyone is interested but I created a new group to share my favourite genres of music. Everyone is welcome to join if they want. It’s called ‘ Shred em up! ‘ DEDDE8B2-71B8-426B-9448-29A2B89BE289
    // If anyone wants to use them I’ve got a picture of a damaged hospital and damaged prison from Gears. Also Jean I’ve seen your reply and always appreciate them but I want to give our friendly doctor a chance to respond before anything gets overly long or complicated. F88F2208-0009-4EFF-B99F-17F32806F942
    * A large convoy of Ravens began making their way into Skyrie from Sera with a strange payload. Strange to the residents of Skyrie that is. Every last gear knew what they were all too well. Paduk was on his own in a town square doing recon when they flew over. * Don’t you think this shit hole is broken enough? Damned COG. * He spat on the ground and stood up from the fountain he had been sat on. * 5D00EA73-F472-4563-8B96-F0918D506866
    @tamaki // Sorry for posting on your profile but I’ve had this randomly saved for a while and seeing what you just posted reminded me. Thought you might get some use out of it. ( I have memes saved for all anime I watch. ) D6588B9C-7455-4CEF-B6B7-1B958F0EF353
    // “When you go Home, tell them of us and say, For your Tomorrow, we gave our Today”We can never show enough gratitude or respect for what men and women from all nations have endured throughout the ages, but we can at least remember them.Lest we forget. 20C6B50E-8A83-4EF1-898C-0E8A550ECCB2
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