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    // If anyone wants to have their character pop up or just see this happening, even from a distance then feel free. :)

    * He was so preoccupied with fighting that his observations became seriously lacking. As he burst fired away to the creatures rampaging down the ruined street towards him, he failed to notice the rift forming behind him. Plenty had torn their way into Skyrie for one reason or another but only city ruins and rubble was found in the wake. From nowhere a deafening horn that almost sounded like a fog horn from a ship but what followed was definitely made for the land. * Woo! Cavalry’s here bitch! * A loud voice yelled in excitement before a giant six wheeled bounced through the rift and sped down the street flattening and crushing everything that was in its path. * Cole? * He said with confusion turning into relief and then excitement. Before looking to see where he came from. Hope manifested itself as a veritable parade made its way into Skyrie. Deric after deric rumbled through and down the street with soldiers walking about the large platforms on top. I’m more of a dignified fation and at reasonable speed speakers delivered callsigns echoed. * AD 379 through and rolling. AD 942 through and rolling. AD 108 through and rolling…. * More and more kept driving through as aircraft joined in. Thickly armoured and heavy bulky helicopters started to flow through rising high into the sky and spreading out to account for the violent weather. * KR 34 in the air. KR 96 in the air…. * Callsings from Assault Derics and King Ravens became the ambient noise as columns of armoured soldiers marched through to join the parade in nearly filled lines. The monsters that survived the crush had long since fled as this military might arrived in full force. While passing through a soldier hanging off the ladder of an assault deric jumped off and casually made his way over. * You took your time. * He grunted before being greeted in kind by sarcasm. * Yeah well you try getting a signal out here. How’d you get permission to let Cole through first? * The pair smirked and started to walk down the street as Jack floated behind them. * I didn’t. You ever tried stopping him?