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    //reminder please read description before posting anything… thank you. This is specifically an ice cream and candy shop…cakes go in the bakery not here. //

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      You are right my biggest mistakes….. Ah… if i make ice cream chocolate or candy chocolate… Will it sale? That’s it! Kaito-san no kaito-sama! will you take of your clothes and cover it with chocolate and also let me take a picture of it! I’m pretty sure it will bait lot of ladies!!

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        *Crosses her arms and looks at Akatsuki, she grabs him by the hear. Then picks him up dunks him in chocolate. Uses a special drier to mold him just right, into a big heart shape, leaves his head out but puts a lolipop in it and then leaves him outside with a sign that says ‘special sale.’ That should get the clients in here. *goes back to work inside.*

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        Nooooo!! Help! Help! Is this the end for me!? *He surrender to his fate*