*Ranmaru and Ginji decide to treat their great grandmommy Helena to the special at the Purple Orchid Spa and they were all amazed at the work great grandauntie Noloty had done to make Mother's Day absolutely pleasing.* WOW! @sweetsugardemon @ginji 2029155_English_KeyArt-OfficialVideoImage_11e67796-6acb-e911-82a8-dd291e252010
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    *He was always taken aback at how laid-back Rimuru was and how he treasured him as a friend even though they met only briefly.* Friend Rimuru, I also hope we meet again under different circumstances, better ones at that. I will wait for my relative Yukiko to make these arrangements for me. What do you plan to do if the impending apocalypse is ended somehow? Ranmaru.(Kakuriyo.No.Yadomeshi).full.2602219
    *Prepares himself to leave his travel companions behind. After arriving at the infirmary. He needs to find his brother Ginji.* @ginji Ranmaru.(Kakuriyo.No.Yadomeshi).full.2602226
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    // We try our best ;) images (50)
    // We're grateful for our great rp family and friends! Happy Thanksgiving to all! @ginji 59cca3b90b2701a4c7c3a0caa9c3cb1b
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    *Ranmaru who had been running around the borderland avoiding scary creatures and trying to stay away from falling trees, tripped when the earth shook suddenly beneath him. He landed on something slimy but comfortable. He then noticed it's face and question mark. The slime ball was so cute that he apologized and picked it up thinking it was in need of help.* I'll try to save you! *he looked around and found a tattered map on the floor with an X and the word "safe haven" on it.* This must be it. *he ran off with the cute slime in his arms.* We will find safety! images (20)
    *Ranmaru had departed from Gehenna but he was shocked at how this area looked like an extension of that hell he just left behind. The tried to keep his balance as the earth beneath his feet kept shaking and splitting apart. He saw giants and strange disgusting creatures that were thirsting for anything to eat. He had no intention of becoming their prey. He noticed some people actually fighting these beasts and even saw some particular ones with amazing strength taking down the giants. He fumbled to find anything he could to use as a weapon. Rocks, strong branches, and even fists full of sand. As he leaped through the dense forest in search for an exit to this place in order to find his brother Ginji. @ginji I can't die here! I have to find him! tumblr_pb9bglVzLE1tbp5fpo7_400
    *Ranmaru couldn't believe his eyes. The blood of demons and humans sprawled all over the floors of the Road that leads to Gehenna's Gates. The demons that couldn't escape but were able to grab at any humans within their reach were grabbing them and ripping them apart and pulling them into this hellish domain. It was too late to save any of them. And he tried to convince himself that it wasn't his business. What were humans doing so close to this area anyway? He figured they were looking for their deaths. Ranmaru remained close to the demon he was following and his little army, even this fell apart as they began attacking each other over who would reach the surface first. Ranmaru then saw warriors fighting against the demons as he began to see the outside for the first time. They looked like rays of hope. He was surprised they were keeping up their fight against such large and crazy hordes. Ranmaru was lucky that so much chaos was about. He was able to reach the surface. He was frightened when he felt a chain tug at him. It seemed like a reminder from Lord Satan that he wasn't exactly free.* Does he know? *Ranmaru almost froze in place, but then decided he was already at the surface. Had Lord Satan really wanted to drag him back, he would have done so.* Why did he let me go? *He was a little worried about this and hoped he hadn't made a big mistake.* @kuroyassha Ranmaru_02_ep14
    *Ranmaru kept an eye on the mayhem taking place in Gehenna and secretly followed the demon that had given him the information. This would be key in his escape. While he was apprehensive as to the reason which the earth was shaking so violently that it could be felt in the lower regions of the darkest demon's realms. He still planned to depart. If the world was coming to and end, he would not remain there and die without seeing his brother Ginji.* Time to depart! ranmaru.5040a014ad767e3a8fd1d4107f70b193
    *Ranmaru took care of an inn in the darkest regions of the Netherworld, one could say his area was closest to Gehenna. It felt as if he was being watched all the time. One demon came in to mock Ranmaru and his long gone brother.*Demon: Your brother left this place believing he'd escape from Lord Satan. So laughable. *He looked at Ranmaru with a sort of sadistic amusement.* Well, I don't know who is better off, Ginji who might return here to die if he's captured by the army of ogres sent after him or you, for remaining here.*The demon would laugh as at Ranmaru. Ranmaru would remain expressionless but his fist would clench tighter. He now had information that his brother Ginji was even in more danger. It made him wonder if the decision to depart was really a wise one. The ogres that had gone after Odanna, Ginji and crew deceivingly beautiful and amazingly strong and destructive. It was then that he head the demons run amok in Gehenna. Many spoke of the opening of the gates to the upper world. They said Lord Satan was allowing some to go and cause mayhem and chaos. Ranmaru quickly devised a plan to intermix with that group and make his way out of his predicament to find his brother and try to same him from the ogres.* Does he even know? Does he know that they will be coming for him? @ginji @kuroyassha @shuzu9ogre @ogrekingodanna Kakuriyo-no-Yadomeshi-Ep-21-Img-000
    *Ranmaru recalled the time when his brother Ginji said he'd escape to the upper world with Odanna and his crew. His eyes would become bright and the image of the upper world seem to surround them as Ginji spoke of it's brightness and beauty. They were set to escape Satan's grasp @kuroyassha once and for all. Ranmaru was happy for him but thought it was a futile effort. Satan would always find a way to drag them back to the netherworld and trap them so he didn't take his brother seriously. One morning Ginji woke him up and told him they were going. Ranmaru couldn't believe it. It angered him, as he interpreted Ginji's departure as abandonment. What Ranmaru didn't realize was that Ginji had asked him to come with them. Ranmaru overthought the whole thing. He crossed his arms and looked at Ginji as if he was in the wrong.* Are you trying to get yourself killed? Tch! Leave and don't look back. *That day he watched Ginji's ship depart almost like a miracle, it managed to escape the dark regions of the netherworld. Ranmaru regretted his decision to stay behind. He watched as the ship left and Ginji watched his brother Ranmaru with worry from the ship that was departing. They had argued before they went their separate ways. Ranmaru's heart sank as his brother was flying away on a ship with Odanna to the upper world.* ginjiandranmaru.c5e144e13ac4e463288c5852859c688d