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    *He was walking up behind Kyo-Ichigo and stops to listen to Shuza.* Cousin, what makes you think I was hiding? I knew you would come for me. If I were to give in to your demands, what would be in it for you? Of course, you realize I'm going back there and Lord Satan cannot have Ginji! Ever! He might one day obtain my head but I'll never let him have Ginji! Cousin! Tell me, what did Lord Satan offer you, in exchange for my head? 154042058097d36b255476709423
    *Odanna was warned of the dangers that were to follow him to Hades. It was not a surprise, he knew that Lord Satan would not just let him leave the hellish netherworld for a better place. He wasn't so concerned about himself but more so, he was worried about Ginji being captured.* What would they want with him? @ginji DchcQr8U0AEk_DR
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    *he arrives at the bakery and chuckles overhearing the conversation and watching Helena.* I have to agree with Lady Noloty on this one Lady Helena. *he chuckles* Maybe you should allow us some of those treats you have there. 6b7b54dd045d474fb70a3f4c01df257a
    *Waiting for Ginji as they excite Hades and appear at the shrine in Kitsune Kingdom. The ogre king waits patiently.* It's time that you visit your loved ones Ginji. I'm sure Tomoe is looking forward to seeing you once more. @ginji 42634333_1679804525464773_2821841627374551114_n
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    *In Hades, there was mention of a spa in the human world that accommodates all types of beings. Since he is venturing into the physical sphere once more. He stops into Purple Orchid Spa to check out the hots springs there. His eyes then turned to the hostess of the establishment.* My word, this is fascinating. I got a recommendation from Lord Hadesu himself, he said there was a special and therefore I have decided to drop in. He was testing the waters for himself and then he stands and bows to her.* Perhaps we've met at the empire or at the bakery. I, initially escorted Ginji to his family. I am called Oodanna and I own an establishment named Tenjin'ya in the Hidden Realm. @promiscuous It's a pleasure to meet you! DjIEHPHVAAAhIxY
    *Walking through Kabukicho with Ginji.* @ginji It's fortunate for us that there is such a great variety of citizens here and we are able to blend in. Otherwise, I'd tell you to put on your mask. But this is Kabukicho Ginji. We'll explore it more later. We must head to a meeting at the bakery and on a special day humans have designated Father's Day! I hope you'll get the chance to meet yours. tumblr_p8edfahPaY1vcdm76o2_540
    *The ayakashi ship that brought Ōdanna and his crew floated towards the misty shores of the borderlands. It was dark when they arrived. Ōdanna jumped out of the ship first to look around. He could see corpses of humans and other creatures mangled and destroyed. Some were massive giants and others were small. Then there were machine parts which resembled bodies of dogs.* I can see what we might be dealing with here. * He put away his fan and had Kuronue bring him his kanabō.* Gomen, I know it's heavy. *he watched Kuronue struggle with it but still managed to get it down to him.* Come! Let's begin our journey here! @ginji @evilking @murcielagoyokai @redyokaiclaw*He then noticed there were more on the ship.* You can either return or come along. There's no need to hide in the ship. I know you are there. *He then walked ahead.* @tanukispirit @oyrou @misterhozukitumblr_p6rzppVxj21w79gv5o1_1280
    Welcome to Tenjin'ya Inn: Bed & Breakfast for Spirits within Hades' NorthEast Region of the Hidden Realm! I'm Odanna, the ogre that runs this in. Although this is mainly for the Ayakashi, there are instances where humans and other creatures happen to stumble upon our establishment for a visit. Please, do come in! But be mindful of where you are!kakuriyo-no-yadomeshi-04-10