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    *She enters the club and looks around.* So crowded! Look at all them babies dancing! I am loving this! It's Friday Night after work and I'm ready to get my groove on! wp5175744
    *Heads to Sugarview after her job at the radio station and is given the task of doing some administrative work and giving some shots to some new arrivals, then she can head out and enjoy the wild party nightlife.* bb1a588756055b11bd86c62fdad3ceb1
    Hey there Rocky san! If it weren't for you, I would have been totally lost here. Met some excellent new friends too and hope to meet some more. *She smiles* Here baby doll, I'm not good at shopping but I did get you a house warming gift. Hope this money is enough for anything you need.kofi_
    *Kofi and Dr. Kureha walked ahead as the others followed closely behind. It wasn't difficult to find and follow the path to the tower. It was very well maintained and the area was relatively safe.* There it is! *She pointed forwards as they excitedly rushed over in order to make their way into the rest of Skyrieverse. Soon they would walk inside to see the infamous spiral stairs.* @doctorkureha @grannyzusa @grannysumiko @oldmanzeno @netero dc1535146c500dfe24903d1516484ebb
    *Kofi had gone out on a typical day of bounty hunting in the space territory she was familiar with. Everything was quiet as she waited for the photo of the person she was supposed to capture and his or her information. Suddenly she felt a bump and a pull and her spaceship was speeding through some strange tunnel of lights. She figured this was some kind of vortex and cursed as she tried to regain control of her spaceship.* NO!! Dang! No! *Then the darkness and the lights disappeared her ship crashed somewhere near the shores of a world she had never been to. She passed out from the force and harsh experience of the change. When she woke up, there was a dang spider, a dang GIANT spider that had weaved her leg and was pulling her along. The silk was strong, she couldn't tear it with her hands. She was in a panic but she saw a branch and hit the dang thing and then she tried to use the branch to cut the silk wrapped around her leg. It was then that giant spider turned around and turned on it's back, it's belly started opening and some kind of acid oozing from what she guessed must be it's mouth. She was about to get up and run but tripped when the silk pulled on her leg.* Dang! I'm gonna die here!! Sweet jesus! Don't let me die like this! *She was practically in prayer when she saw a red haired woman that looked like the goddess Artemis jump over her, stick a sword into the monster and cut off it's legs. Then she kicked it over and stabbed it several times again. It was brutal and messy but the woman didn't stop to talk to her. She just told Kofi to follow the green orb of light and then she continued to pursue another giant spider much bigger than the one Kofi had almost become food of. She didn't even get her name.* Sweet jesus! What just happened. *She got up and looked around. She definitely didn't feel safe, she ran over to her ship and found a couple of items she wasn't about to leave behind. She had to carry only smaller items, her guns and a couple of blades and a change of clothes and then she saw the green orb and ran towards it while keeping her wits about her.* 2_Bebopwater