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    *after after leaving the infirmary i run to the path where foxy tails adventure guild & Tourist information center is located until i hear someone screaming because of monster are about to kill them until i rushed in and attacked the creature from hurting them. them i look at the women with children worried about their safety. then i ask “are you two alright?” * they nodded as they was in tears* ” don’t worry there is a place not far from here that is safe follow me i will take you there” * i help them up and suddenly walks slowly to place until a few more monsters coming towards us and i told them to hide and don’t move. within seconds i already kill the monsters with my sword, then i tell the mother and child that its safe to come out and run to the foxy tails adventure guild & Tourist information center straight ahead. after reaching to the place i set a larger barrier that covers the entire perimeter of the area and head inside.*

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      // This one, you could have written a lot more. You should have written about your challenge on the way there from the infirmary. You could have detailed the monsters and weather phenomenon you had to endure to arrive at Foxy Tails. You could also have detailed people you saved along the way and then end with the creation of the barrier. You see, you need to think before writing. At least develop it on a note pad before posting. //