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    +It was right after the events had led to the battle of Nevernight which lasted a long three nights past a week and to him he had nothing else as he had now lost his parents, his sister and the very foundation he had tried so hard to protect. He was a man who was always holding himself in a high regard because he knew he was the one who would become the clan sect leader in the future and due to this complex he was always very easy to be manipulated by others opinions of the things around him. He had just lost his sister in his arms on the battlefield and he was so angry at Wei Ying he shoved him away and then placed his sisters body onto the ground.

    “You will pay for that…everything was ruined because of you! Everyone was right you really did bring shame and destruction to my family! *He saw that Wei Ying had jumped to the cliff and he saw when his body had gone over the side and gritting his teeth he watched as he saw the second master Lan go to try and save him. This made his blood boil as he never really did let his senior brother explain anything or say anything in defense of himself as he was to clouded and blinded by his own hatred and sadness of the loss to realize what he had done but the time he realized it was to late. He jabbed his sword into the side of the cliff side and screamed out* Wei Wuxian….Go to hell!!!”He stood on the side of Lan Wangi for a moment as if to make sure he had fallen but when he heard the echo of his voice shouting his name so affectionately and reluctantly it made him sick to his stomach immediately as he regretted it but it was to late his grief had taken over control of the best of him and now his brother was gone for good and he could not do a thing. He had hated the thought of anyone who practiced demonic cultivation over the years and he decided he would kill everyone of them to prevent the same things from happening all over again.

    {Sixteen years later}
    *After he had witnessed Wei Wuxian’s fall from the cliff in Nevernight he had gone back there almost every year to check the entire area as if to see if his soul had ever possessed anyone to return to the world. He had found nothing and in the time that passed every demonic cultivator he would come across he would check them throughly to make sure it was not Wuxian. Jiang Cheng sighed and headed out to the Dafan mountains to join in on a night hunt raid and he and his nephew Jin Ling were there as well as a few other clans who had joined in the hunting. He had responded to his nephews signal flare only to find the second master Lan standing beside a man dressed in all black with a red undercoat and a mask covering his face. He blinked but when he saw the ghost general who was Wuxian’s loyal puppet he clentched his fist when the clans deciples told him what had happened before he had gotten there and he looked at him* Good. so you’re back?” *He threw out an attack from the purple lightning ring that his mother left him and it was blocked by Lan Wangji*

    “Lan Wangji you dare get in my way!” *He growled out almost but when he noticed him trying to run he whipped the ring forward extending it to strike Wei Wuxian but when it did nothing and had no reaction he was stunned at why it didnt work to draw out his soul from the body he was in now and he bit his lip as screamed at him watching Lan Wangji holding onto his arm standing right beside him* Tell me..Just who are you!!!
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    +It was right after the events had led to the battle of Nevernight which lasted a long three nights +It was right after the events had led to the battle of Nevernight which lasted a long three nights
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      *It had been sixteen years and so long yet it would seem that Jiang Cheng had still not forgiven himself as he could see that his junior brother was still angered at everything that had happened all so long ago between them. They were known in a whole different world yet in some places he saw the memories brought on by hallucinations made it seem they never left their own world but it was just the influence of the cores within their bodies which lived as a spiritual link to the memories they held within. He was now in Mo Xuanyu’s body and it seemed like he could have a fresh start if he really wished on but his memories could not and would not allow him to even think of this. The very thing he had done after he was summoned back was say Lan Zhan’s name onto the winds and even played the love song on a grass whistle. He could not let go of the memories he held for his soul mate yet at the same time he found himself not being able to let go of the memories of his siblings or his parents either.

      “I will not, you will be shocked to death if i do that” *He was about to stick the tongue out at him but chose not to do so as Lan Wangji still had him by the arm and his flute was now at his feet. He heard Jiang Cheng suck in a breath then made a Tch sound and turned his back as the other deciples of the Jiang clan followed after him along with his nephew Jin Ling. With a sigh he turned to face lan but he fainted. As soon as he woke up he found himself laying on a bed in the Jingshi room of the Cloud Recesses and he touched his face seeing the male sitting on the other side of the room playing the qin and he faint smiled.* “He really is relentless…you realize he wont let me go right…”

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      *Lan Wangji had picked him up from the ground and taken him away from the fighting going on and protect him from the risk that clan leader Jiang may harm him as he realized the body he was in was slightly different in terms of the body of his past life and even the core was different yet this he figured was maybe why he could sense his spiritual power was weaker then it had been before his death. Wei Ying was one of the top two in terms of a strong cultivation base aside from the two jade twins of lan him and his brother and himself yet Wangji knew that with Wuxian’s core Jiang Cheng would also be considered a force to be reckoned with. This caused him to really resent the Jiang male yet for his soulmates sake he had not ever said a word in the matter but he would dare to protect him from any and everything just to keep him at his side.

      “I told you didn’t i…why are you so surprised you said it yourself that as long as you both are alive you are bound to run into each other sooner or later and it seems he now knows who you are, more or less he heavily suspects you and for this reason alone he will not let it slide from him. We both are aware how he is in that sense but worry not Wei Ying…i will be at your side this time, i will be there to fight with you and fight for you Mark my words” *He would often say this phrase of mark your words/my words when he would respond to wei ying as a sort of promise being he was always one to never tell a lie as he would usually get caught by him only to be caused some antic by the wei male.* “It’s time to sleep lets discuss this some more in the morning hm? *His thoughts went back to how the look was on Jiang’s face and he clenched his fists as he watched Wei Ying get into the bed and close his eyes* “He will not dare come to cloud recesses to search for you so for now you are safe….i will not allow him or anyone to harm you or take you away from me ever again mark my words! *He said softly onto the winds from the open doors and watched him sleep*

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      “You…!” *He realized at this moment that he would not find out at this time just who this male was but in his mind his hatred had screamed at him from within as the core within his body seemed to react from being so close to the original owner. He then thought back as soon as he saw Lan Wangji take him away with the spirit teleportation he made fists as they then left the area but the thoughts were still on his mind of the words that the man had said to him.* How dare he, it would see that huangun-jin still wishes to defend him well no matter for now I will let it be but I will find out just who you are!” *His thoughts raced as he headed back to the lotus cove to see his sister as he had recently discovered that here in this realm there was a soul of a girl who had received her spirit congnition who was saved from death by her spirit and he went to meet with her only to find out that his mother and fathers soul had done the same and that they two were already here so he followed the trace of spirit energy and the spirit forms of the memory he had just stepped out from made it to where it was now just him and he was standing before the lotus cove of this realms wei kingdom and he ventured there to see the girl of his sisters spirit who was his sister now.

      //END, to be continued in lotus cove.//