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    *Apple takes the path up Mount Hakurei to visit Kyouko and ask her about some techniques for meditation. She had heard from school that Kyouko was training at the mountain shrine and was under the impression that she lived here. She reaches the shrine and takes a few moments to catch her breath before looking around.*
    Now if I were Kyouko-chan, where would I be?

    //Anyone besides Kyouko is welcome to run into Apple first if they want owo//

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      *It doesn’t take long for Apple to find Kyouko sweeping the shrine grounds. She takes a break and leans forward on her broom.* This is tiring and it’s not even fall! Oh, hey Apple-chan! What brings you all the way up here?
      Meditation you say? Well I can tell you what I do if that helps!
      First thing is to find a quiet place and make yourself comfortable. Second is to focus on your breathing. Don’t try to breathe unnaturally or anything just breathe normally. Don’t think about it but focus on it and how it affects the rest of your body. I do this for about 10 minutes each day but of course you shouldn’t let your mind wander and think about the time. Later on you can train yourself at louder places when you start getting the hang of it. Hope that helps!

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      Oh wow thanks, that’s really helpful! It sounds hard though to go a whole 10 minutes and only focus on breathing. I’m impressed so many people can do it because I’d probably end up thinking about cartoons n.n;