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    *She listened to her words and gave a nod* "Yes I did, I am Yukina Jaganshi nice to meet you harumiya-San. Thank you very much" *Accepting the key to the room she bowed and headed in the direction she was told to go holding the small basket in her hands* my these smell wonderful, I really will enjoy them. *she dipped into the private room and locked the door for safety then got into the healing waters* ahhh this is simply heavenly. received_293150641979747
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    *Enjoying the night sky's view by the window* Snap_tjoUDQMTrm61376268
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    *hanging out and enjoying company with Botan* @blueflamespirit 117081837_2090864047721745_3570154613949970871_n
    -a time later- *Yukina had woken up in the medical center after she had been rescued from the borderlands but by who she could not really remember from the trauma of it all at once rush to her head. She sat up on the bed and she looked around and as she tried to take it all in she was actually happy to be in a safe place now and she decided she was going to see the rest of the areas of this beautiful world she had arrived in and at the moment she did not know it but she would soon meet the ones she would come to remain around in this world that would become her home as well and her friends who are dear to her were here also.* Ow my head... 600x600
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    *The gentle ice maiden had found this area to be a place you could play with spirit animals like a dog or cat yet Yukina had befriended two stray birds she healed who remained in this area so she would visit them. She put out her fingers and began to whistle* ara, reave come out you must be hungry. images