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    *Powers on a laptop she was provided* Hi Monika! At least I’ll be able to talk to you from here in the hospital. Doctor said I might have broken a few wing bones cuz I fell out of a tree. It’s pretty boring here so I’ve been thinking about that “o.u.g.h.” rhyme challenge Apple-chan gave me.

    I fell from a tree, the landing was rough! 🎶
    It hurt and I couldn’t think straight and stuff. 🎶
    Birds can’t fall out of trees I had thought. 🎶
    Is gravity different to how I was taught? 🎶
    I was just skipping between bough and bough. 🎶
    But this time I tripped, got no idea how! 🎶
    I’m sure I stepped on it, did my foot fall through? 🎶
    Or maybe that branch just snapped in two! 🎶
    At least I don’t have to sneeze or to cough, 🎶
    But I kinda wish they’d turn the lights off. 🎶
    I might be too worried about this slight hiccough 🎶
    I need to be shocked like a bank in a stickup 🎶
    I’m meant to be practicing on guitar though… 🎶
    Speaking of that, whereabouts is Kyouko? 🎶

    …I’m kinda stuck on slough and Scarborough. Doesn’t slough rhyme with through?

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      //Oh right I should probably tag Apple-chan too XD

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      Must have been hard trying to think of all these words to rhyme while telling a particular story. I’m impressed, well done. Of course I do have a soft spot for poems though. Slough has a few pronunciations such as in this case it would be rhyming with true but it can also rhyme with now in some circumstances.