"Your so beautiful my wife" *He held her close and kissed her lips gently* @heitian 4201aa8bcbbcf6e55f72996fee9f40b0
    *As Xiao Ming Shi was in a sort of haze from celebrating his now blessed unification with his one and only goddess his eyes focused onto her as she was the only woman who had made him know the true meaning to love ones self as well as any other and for that alone he would always be for her alone. With glossy eyes he watched her and had not expected her to come to him at this hour as he would never force anything in his life as he was just an old fashioned romantic at heart and would treasure his new bride for the rest of time. He lovingly looked at her thinking to be in an enticing dream as he remained still* Why have you come to me at this hour my dearest, does anything trouble you if so would you tell me?" *Watching her he was completely mesmerized and when she didn't speak right away he still believed to dreaming still. He reached up to brush a strand of her hair behind her ear and his breath caught in his chest as he noticed her actually there with him* @heitian FB_IMG_1581756087181
    我真的爱你,你是我的一切 Wǒ zhēn de ài nǐ, nǐ shì wǒ de yīqiè. [I really love you, only you are my everything] @heitian 420
    Happy birthday to all in January and you also lovely Helena! @sweetsugardemon 972b47b12a57e9d3d220b86a4bd81f4a
    *The blade knight was standing in the courtyard admist the rain and winds that befell through the night as the empress had slept. He had ventured to the kingdom to protect it of sorts while the emperor was away knowing Lady Zhen would need protection for she was the one who held the kingdom in good spirits and he knew why. As he trained himself, he opened his eyes and could hear the thunder of the skies and sighed as he stepped out from the spiritual waterfall and placed his hair back into its band then he went to grab his garb. Placing it back on he could see flecks of lighting strikes and knew something was going on but by this time he already knew just what it was so he did not have to wander about. He saw a few black creatures just on the outside of the barrier so he grabbed his sword and quickly took care of them but then he noticed the empress had awoken and he went to assure her everything was alright and then he joined her for tea but was caught off guard as he could sense another energy of sinister intent but he could not place it as he watched the sky* “This seems ominous…just what happened to cause all this…I do hope she will make it past this for the sake of us all…by the god’s lady Helena do be safe, mother” imagesC1LNI9Y3
    about to have tea with my beautiful goddess p_m__rest_by_zeldacw-d97tj11-750x471
    Me and the beautiful goddess that I've had a crush on for some time Hex. 312e6c2ec930eb6da615df994b7f9f18--anime-kawaii-chicas-anime