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    **Kaga and her sister had taken a walk along the beach and she smiled to her when she heard her ask if something was wrong. Shaking her head she sighed then knew she would have to tell her sooner or later because if Akari told Kuzuha about it then she would not be able to not tell her about it.** "I...had a strange dream last night..we were in the shrine and I..almost called sir Leonardo f....father. *She felt so embarrassed that she was telling her sister about the dream she had but when she saw the look on her face and being told to go on she bit her lip a bit* "Well..we were in the shrine and I was checking on kuzuha as I usually do but something seemed strange at the lakeside so I went to check it out and I was caught by an evil spirit who had entered the shrine under a guise of an innocent child and since kuzuha was inside the chambers strengthing the barrier no one was around to help me so I thought I was going to die, I screamed out for someone anyone to save me and he came to my mind and in that moment I had tears in my eyes and the words "am I really going to die..no not like this..what about them...*She saw the spirit almost killing him and then* Father no!" ..came out my mouth and then I was so scared I woke up in a cold sweat and in tears. fabb7737a4cf68a3e4e7fbe38bff6e76-700
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    *She stood in the shrine gateway doors and smiled as she saw the newly arriving members of Kuzuha-san's family and she could tell it was relations from their auras presences. She gave a bow of her head to welcome them as they entered the shrine entrance* "Welcome minna to the foxflame garden shrine, I am Kaga nice to meet you! please do enjoy your stay here and relax, there is tea and crumpets with cookies in the gazebo area if you like." DMhQQQvU8AA7BkI
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    *Kaga had taken Akari with her to the shrine and she smiled happy to have her with here there.* “See its so beautiful in here now, I want you to help me here in the gardens area and I have already gotten permission from Kuzuha-chan. This is going to be so great I’m so happy” *She laughed as she waited for her response then smiled* __akagi_and_kaga_azur_lane_drawn_by_natu_sksp__sample-c412a9d609b80717f36ecd1dd54d6b54
    I was the one with the edits of inuyasha characters, here is one I did that was my profile picture there. 17156206_413129752385576_7971872240439850036_n
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    ///but I was told that site will kick you if you have not signed in for a long time. I had an account there and it gave me this screenshot about two days agoIMG_20180510_190937-750x563
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    *Kaga had arrived in full spiritual garb as she entered the sacred garden shrine of the kitsune spirits to join her Kuzuha, the maiden who had saved her with a piece of her soul synergy because her wounds were to great and she almost died. Looking around the shrine she was amazed as it was truly beautiful and she was seeing new things in a newfound light and it made her smile. She joined Kuzuha and hugged her thanking her for saving her life and then looked around at everyone else* "Hello to you all I am Kaga it is nice to finally meet you. 131597848031129603