**It had been some time since the oni female had come into the kitsune kingdom of Hoshido but this time it was even more calming to her because of the ayakashi foxchild she was carrying for Miyabi. It had not been to long since she discovered she was with his child but she still found it to be quite mesmerizing as it truly was a miracle for someone small as she was to carry this with her. Walking around the kingdom this time around the small kitsune who had welcomed her so kindly the first time she came now seemed to praise her of sorts as they seemed to shower her with what she thought was some sort of blessing over her while she was here. She placed a hand to her stomach and smiled as she took a seat and allowed them to be close to her and as one was closely beside her she let it touch her stomach and she thanked them for the gesture thinking it was a form of blessings** "How truly radiant it is here each time I come here, how blessed I am to have been invited to come to this wonderful place that has become a special part of me, now even more so" 6ffb139e2c6abc6ad475f1e6067dcf9411e855cd_hq
    *Ririchiyo had returned to the borderlands to aid those in need of rescue as she had just returned from reading up on the latest intel on these creatures in the inquisitor news. She sighed and then noticed a few of the grand sugar clan's members of the family already in the aid of some of the refugees so she decided she would keep that path clear for them to get to safety. She transformed into her youkai form and then as she went a little further into the lands she came upon a group of them and then took a stance before she would attack* I will keep those I have come to care for safe even if it kills me, prepare yourselves!" *She said aloud as she drew her scythe and began to fight* inuboku-2-1
    *Ririchiyo was in her room and she felt like going out for a swim but she wanted to be alone for the night so she sat by the edge of the pool overlooking the view of the city and everything was so beautiful and calm for once she closed her eyes and relaxed with her feet in the waters* i_userdata_03_46_76_48_userpics_Snap_znX3vJXZB8643791268
    @blueflamerose I put our names on it as I know no one would steal our IMVU pictures but call me overprotective of sorts haha. received_1739170669464574-750x750
    //separate post after she leaves to go get Miketsukami and return to the ballroom from the beach// @ginstunetama*She looked at him as they returned from the beach and arrived at the ballroom. She was in his arms and they went towards the dance floor after greeting everyone on the way. As she smiled to him she turned her head to admire the looks into her eyes but she found to love having him hold her against his heart as she often found his heart beating and knew it to be just as her own heart* May we dance Miketsukami? 5e663cc904a1a1a698c2cf5644b70a95--anime-ships-anime-couples
    // we can go to the ballroom from here lol after spending some time here, your mother just happened to tag me in first haha but I appreciate it all the same lady Ren but this time is for us to celebrate together too o///o // //please be mature here its not edited this is from the anime itself as I was going to post it before she tagged me over there// @ginstunetama*Her and Miketsukami had been relaxing on the beach under a sun umbrella and she felt so content as she heard his voice and how he applied sunscreen to her skin so they could go into the waters for a swim after they enjoyed tea time together here at the beach among the grandsugarclan friends and family. She looked up and saw the triplets were running with a banana colored raft in their hands and were running from Gori-san. She looked to Miektsukami* "My they certainly know how to have fun don't they." *She was glad to see everyone having so much fun and had said it in her own way* BexsX87CIAAeZTQ
    *Ririchiyo had arrived at the ballroom with Sir Leonardo and Lady Ren and she blushed at seeing how beautiful she looked. Dressed in her pale blue dress she smiled as she thanked them for welcoming her so and hugs Ren* "This is so beautiful, i hope i can celebrate with him later too." *She felt her cheeks blush as she thought of Miketsukami then shook her head and just smiled* Happy fourth of july to you all. Shirakiin.Ririchiyo.full.999046
    //forgot the picture back then gomen.// @ginstunetama Inu.x.Boku.SS.full.945450
    @blueflamerose Aww I took a picture too haha no problem it was nice to see you again to chat 1530742573368
    Spending a relaxing sit in the flower garden of my friends room in IMVU s640x640 (1)s640x640 (3)
    Spending a relaxing sit in the flower garden of my friends room in IMVU s640x640 (1)s640x640 (3)
    **It was evening but more near to night fall when the wild violet oni ayakashi ventured one again into the kitsune kingdom of the hoshido mountains and it was truly a sight to behold at night. As she looked around she could see small fire light from the fox fire of the spirits who resided here and she was amazed as she then looked at the sky it was so calmly serene she felt completely at home, safe.** "Wow, it is truly amazing here, thank you all for allowing me to see this beautiful place" **She had not drawn her weapon as she did not need to do so here and set mind at ease listening to the sounds of the lands around her. She had began to glow slightly and she blinked looking at herself, she had some sort of wings around her but it was more like red threads of fate and it glowed blue at the ends but what she saw next made her gasp suddenly as it startled her but she remained calm. Her threads were connected to strands of mythical blue fates but she turned only to see Miketsukami was standing at her side and he was also glowing as she was and she wondered just when he had gotten here.** "Y..Your here..." a-shirakiin_ririchiyo_miketsukami_soushi-985681
    **Feeling she wanted to do something nice for sir Koenma and lady Botan as well as lady Hikari. Rirchiyo was measuring flour into a cup for the cupcakes she was about to make but she was looking in her cook book she had gotten to study out of and hoped that it would not end in disaster and she sighed as flour ended up in her hair** "Oh I hope this comes out okay...I want to do something nice for them, they have welcomed me so kindly as they all have and I feel so much love I hope to make something everyone can share. **She would make sure to make enough cupcakes for everyone** inuboku-6-5