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    *Atalanta had returned to the ruins of the city and she could hear that Achilles had followed her but she chose to jump into the nearest tree and look upon the setting of the sun as this was what she usually did before her new parents had rescued her from her fate. She was still thinking of the goddess and how she smiled upon her by bringing Helena into her life and from that day on, the warecat archer huntress had come to know the purest of love and care of a home, a true family. Turning to look at him she sighed* "This is always so beautiful at this time...and now its all I have left of my former home...the people who were so nice to me...everyone...they are all gone now and what if its my fault.." *She turned away and lowered her head* @moonlightserenade 01-Red-Archer-Atalanta-and-Red-Rider-Achilles