*Enjoying some down time at Otose's Snack House with Dieguito. He knew his friend had a lot on his mind and he wanted to cheer him up. He found that it was harder and harder to talk about what was on his own mind because he was always concerned about his friend's thoughts and feelings.* @diego Drinks are on me buddy! Let's not think about anything, we'll just drink for tonight! sample-2e259b4c5093334736b712d7e05538d0
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    *Arash arrives at Funlandia. He notices Dieguito facing away from him. He sneaks up on him and pats his shoulder.* You're under arrest he says jokingly and then laughs when he notices Dieguito's reaction.* Aha! Did you do something bad? I'm kidding, I just couldn't help myself and thought I'd prank you. haha @diego 00576c4b68244af9167e9b473668328a
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    *Arash headed towards Purple Orchid Spa. He was glad Yukiko recommended this splendid place for meditation. It was calming as soon as one stepped through the doors. He requested a meditation room. He told himself he would spend some time quietly. He was suggested aromatherapy in a dimly lit room. He closed his eyes and cleared his mind. After he felt relaxed he could revisit some thoughts. He had awoken as the humanoid, Ervin within with part of his memories still in tact. He knew there was some kind of link to gods. And realized it would be wise to head to the school and see what he could read up on them. He was calling himself Ervin but a slip of the tongue and he would call himself Arash. he wondered if he had misnamed himself or if he was undercover somehow. Then there was something Yukiko said, Dieguito having the eyes of god. He wondered if there was some kind of link between himself and Dieguito. There were some images that came to him but nothing concrete. He would take what he had learned and talk to Dieguito about it. He now felt he could find ways to figure out what his lost memories were. In the meantime, it was getting harder to focus when all he could think about was the fact that he could be joining everyone at the amusement park.* Well, I'll definitely come back here. *He thanks the staff who had been very attentive and promised them he would come back more often. Then he headed towards the bus stop so he could head over to Funlandia.* See you all later and thanks! 7f6ece8ac7310aab3a6beef77c68167c
    *Seeing Azucar's note. He was glad to learn she had been thriving in the new world as he had. Since they were working at the same place but different schedules, he knew that eventually, they would see each other again. He got to work boxing candies and getting ice cream cakes properly boxed in temperature controlled boxes that would keep the ice cream cakes from melting. He made sure the boxes were keep in the freezes until the delivery trucks arrived to pick them up. He had his own truck out back so he stacked up what he could and grabbed the list of the clients addresses he would be delivering to and quickly got to work.* feed1bcde6e3d4970fbd9e41b1cf2145
    *Ervin smiles back and nods. He follows his two new friends. Azucar and Sugar towards the tall spiral tower. The tall spiral tower looked like it could touch the sky. They went inside and carefully followed the stairs going upwards. It seemed endless at first but once they reached the top, a gate opened for them. It was like walking from one world into another. There were many different forms of transportation waiting outside. Each one they asked said it would take them to some kind of medical center for crucial exams due to the monster's miasma exposure. They jumped into one of the cars and soon they were leaving the borderlands and on their way to SugarView Medical Center.* // End of this RP with Sugar and Azucar. //615c2f94982ea8990843db7ed5372637
    // New RP with Azucar and Sugar//*Arash, once a legendary great hero from Ancient Persia and the descendant of Fereydun. Referred to as the strongest archer and considered as the brave warrior of salvation who bestowed peace and tranquility to the people of Persia and Turan. Found himself in human/heroic form within the borderlands of Skyrieverse. He had appeared through a heavenly dimension. He was sent here after he accomplished great feats saving the lives of thousands of people during battle. In Iran, it is said that his existence is observed on Tirgan during summer solstice. When his human life had been extinguished in Ancient Persia, he was taken to the heavens, while there he was promised the status of Demi-God if he would take on the task of being reincarnated as the servant of the pharaoh god, Ozymandias (Dieguito C. Watch). He was sent to the human world to find this pharaoh god who had taken on the form of a descendant of the Watch family, inherited the Eyes of God but had forgotten his true origins. And so, after awakening in the borderlands (Escape from Otherworld), his quest was to find his master and remind him of who he was.Arash had awoken as the humanoid, Ervin with part of his memories still in tact. He stood in a quiet but abandoned land. Everything there was slowly awakening. He could see some remnants of dead creatures but they did not stir. He was still cautious as he looked around the area at the old buildings covered with vines. Then he spotted two women whom he believed to be passed out but were actually sound asleep and had not yet awakened. They looked comfortable but he didn’t want to leave them on the ground. He picked up both ladies @lolsugar @jjbasugarmountain and began to search for shelter or a way out of there.*ArcherArashGOStage4
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    *He was behind one of the tables and notices when Ginko walks in.* @ginkobellanieve Hello! You look like you've got plenty of luck on your side! Wanna give the dice a roll? Or would you prefer to play cards with me? *Winks and figures Ginko for a gambler.* ae27c809ea72c93668b948e253c69929ed3035d0r1-600-848v2_hq