The Story of Ginkachi

Mini Biography:

Full Name: Ginkachi Usako OkumuraSakata

Nickname: Ginka/ Little Ginko/ Usa-chan

member of the SugarFang family of the GrandSugarClan

adopted daughter of Gintoki Lucifer & Helena (SugarDemon)

Clan Name: WhiteBunnySoulSugarFang

Alias: Bunny of Hearts

Birthday: January 13

Interests: Sleeping, Eating, video games, manga, drawing, fluffy bunnies, Five Nights at Freddies

Favorite Foods: All things sweet, Ice Cream, Carrot Cake, Carrots and Strawberries

Skills: Hyperspeed, can create clones of herself to confuse enemies, carrot blaster

Dislikes: Dentists, Ghosts, Lightning

Pets: Bunnies, but wants wants to raise a pure white rabbit

She was adopted along with troublesome little brothers that were named Zura Jr., Sugi Jr, and Gin Jr. into the SugarFang branch of the family.

Ginkachi was easily conquered her family because she has sweet eyes and looked exactly like a female version of Gintoki and looked a lot like family members Ginko, Pako and Tokiko. At first they called her little Ginko until she was officially adopted and her name was changed to Ginkachi. When Ginkachi’s trust for her adopted family began to flourish one day as she hugged her mommy Helena, her bunny ears appeared magically. She was surprised to find out she was a hybrid of bunny/human which is why she also got the name of Usako. Her ears pop up once in a while and she’s training to do it at will. Her goals are to live happily with her family, make them feel safe and to make friends.

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