Erin Himiko (CherishedPrincessShadowLight) Heita

Name: Erin Himiko Heita

Age: 6 years old (is only 1 and 1/2 year old human years)

Clan: ShadowLight (CherishedPrincessShadowLight)

Family: Kazuma Heita – father, Rose Violet Bakura Yuki – mother, Anthony Diaz – uncle, Scavar GoldenHeart Klaim – grandfather, ProfessorStein Soulmeister – grandfather, Elizabeth GoldenHeart Urameshi – auntie

Race: Human (as far as known)

Powers: N/A (yet)

Eye Colour: Brown

Hair Colour: Brown

Appearance: Pink dress and pink boots.

Bio: She is the only daughter of Kazuma and Rose, and is now 1 year old, although she has the appearance and mindset of a 5 year old. At the moment, it is unknown if she has any other powers or abilities, which could’ve been inherited from her parents. It is also unknown if she is just human, or has inherited any of her mother’s forms. She seems to really like teddy bears and is causing mischief by crawling around, and pulling on peoples hair when she is picked up, even though that is her way of saying hello and that she is happy. She is also slowly trying to be able to walk on her own, without leaning against anything for support. She enjoys eating toast, as long as it is cut up small enough for her, and only has butter on it. She has now befriended a little puppy she found and has named it Shiro after her friend who helped to heal the injured pup. She enjoys reading and playing with her younger cousin Miyu, who she feels is more like the sister she doesn’t have. She hasn’t asked once about her father’s whereabouts, but that doesn’t meant hat she doesn’t wonder where her father is and why he hasn’t been home at all. She has currently started school, but still has to make some friends, even though she is very lively.

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