Kagome & Kikyo before Kasumi

//Kagome / Kikyo info before Kasumi//

May 5, 2013 at 4:29pm (old post was on facebook)

*I used to rp both Kagome and Kikyo, wives of Inuyassha NoTaisho-Sakata, on facebook.*

We both love Inuyassha.

Kikyo: (桔梗, "Chinese Bellflower") was a miko during the Sengoku jidai and, at one time, Inuyassha's love interest. She was entrusted by the yōkai taijiya to guard and purify the Shikon no Tama. She is a human but is later killed. She is later revived by the witch Urasue and becomes a specter.Abilities: Spiritual Powers, Purification Powers, Master of ArcheryWeapons: Bow, Sacred arrows

Kagome: (birdcage) The reincarnation of Kikyo. Because of Kikyo's reincarnation they end up co-existing in japans feudal era. She is also human with similar abilities and weapons as Kikyo. "She was just a normal, modern girl, Kagome was strangely unfazed by the horrors, violence, and death in the Warring States era because of her strong spirit. Her heart is pure and kind, with it even being revealed that the only dark part that she ever had in her heart was her secret jealousy she had over Inuyassha's relationship and feelings towards Kikyō, but even this she eventually moves past.

**** the story: the birth of Priestess Kasumi, sacredmikosugardemon****

Kagome and Kikyo had been arguing over their husband Inuyassha, they were so angry that they fought each other feverishly, what they didn't realize was that on that night a demon called Markosias was waiting for such a moment to kill them both. The moonlight was shining on the two women as they fought each other until Kikyo sensed something and jumped away from Kagome. "What was that? She looked around and felt the presence of a demon. Kagome also looked. "I see a fragment of the Shikon Jewel Shard".

Meanwhile, further along moonlit path a lovely lady named Kasumi walked along a lake as she slowly made her way towards her village. She was gentle and giving. She had the blood of Kagome and Kikyo in her veins but she didn't know this... at least she was unaware until..

Markosias approached the women, he was a trickster but he also knew how to engage in battle, he tried to get them to fight him while feeding them hateful things about each other. He would get them so upset that the two women couldn't fight as a team, as the battle came close to the lake, the fiend grabbed Kagome as Kikyo was about to thrust and arrow into him, she was instantly killed, her blood flowed into the lake. Surprised by what she had done, Kikyo stared at Kagome, Markosias flung Kagome into the lake as Kikyo watched, Markosias took advantage and killed Kikyo as well, he threw them both in the lake feeling victorious.

Kasumi was looking in the lake when she saw the spirits of two women, as she leaned in to take a closer look, she was pulled in and she almost drowned, except that she felt two spirits enter her body. Her body emerged from the lake glowling like an angel's celestial shine, the moon was dim in comparison. Markosias attention turned to the lake and the glowing light, he was unable to see anything, it was too bright, he backed away from the lake, he then fell to his knees an arrow, a sacred arrow of such force struck him, releasing the sacred jewel shard from his body and his heart was stopped instantly leaving him frozen in a gruesome pose of pain.

As Kasumi was gently lowered to a safe edge near the lake, she noticed that she had gained new powers, a new self, a new identity. As the women telepathically explained what had happened, Kasumi honored them both by taking their names and adding it to her own. She was now Kasumi Aome-Kikyo and to her surprise she also gained a husband, Inuyassha. It took some time, he grieved but he slowly grew to love her realizing he now had three women in one he was delighted but she was only one, and now she was his one and only, his children was now their children and their world all intermingled into one strange and mystical story but their love was endless and this allowed them to be family, friends and lovers once again.  

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