a roninsugardemon’s bio

Name: Yusaku Kosaku Hatanaka Godai

Married to Kyoko DulcesugarDemon Otonashi-Godai

Son: Soji Azuma LilacsugarDemon Okita-Godai

daughter: Helena SweetsugarDemon Okumura-Sakata.

Proud member of the SugarDemon family and Sato Akuma Branch of the GrandSugarClan

Clan name: RoninsugarDemon

And head of the Dolce Amore SubBranch

When I was a 20 year old ronin studying to get into a good college, I lived with some crazy neighbors at Maison Ikkoku. Because I was kind-hearted, indecisive and spacey the other tenants of Maison Ikkoku habitually took advantage of me and would hold their wild parties and drinking binges in my room. The even stole my food!!! When I was about to leave, the new manager of Maison Ikkoku appeared and I instantly fell head over heels, her name, Kyoko. Although we went to a series of misunderstanding and numerous silly things I did, eventually Kyoko noticed me and she helped me get into college.

I’m tall, lean and muscular because of my training at Mukoda Gym as a boxer. My punches are strong and universally recognized by my opponents. Although I’m a natural boxer, I have a voracious appetite which always got in the way of my weight class which gave my coach a lot of trouble.

Thanks for Kyoko and family. I have been able to become a kindergarten teach for True Cross Academy of the Blue Flame. One of my dreams was to be a teacher for the children.

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