Hiruto Hyuga Uzumakii

Birth Name: Hiruto Hyuga Uzumakii
Nicknames: Hiru
Age: 19
Birthday: 3rd June
Hair: Black
Eyes: Violet
Parents: Father – Naruto (Anthony), Mother – Hinata, Sister – Mitsuki (Alyssa), Grandmother – Candice (Kushina), Grandfather – Minato, Grandfather – Hiashi, Uncle – Neji, Aunt – Hanabi
Race: Human, Demon
Powers: Byakugan, Lightning (Adeena)

Bio: Hiruto has the personality of his mother Hinata, and looks like her cousin Neji – with Naruto’s whiskers – as well, but whenever he is around his friends – that are mostly boys – he seems to be very hyperactive. Hiruto seems to have quick growth, as at only 2 months old, he seemed to be 5 years old, and when he was a 1 year old, he was 10. This seems to be due to the demon of his mother that is now within himself as well. Hinata treats him though as if he was still a 1 year old child, as she never got to help out his older sister when she was born. At the age of now 12, Hiruto has already mastered the Byakugan and has become a Chunnin. Hiruto is now 19 and willing to help out his sister babysitting, or taking care of Hokage duties whenever she needs to spend time with her own kid.

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