Hinata Jane Hyuga

Birth Name: Hinata Jane Hyuga
Married Name: Hinata Jane Uzumakii

Nicknames: Hina
Age: 24
Birthday: 15th September
Hair: Purple
Eyes: Violet
Parents: Father – Hiashi, Mother – Unknown (died), Sister – Hanabi, Husband – Naruto (Anthony), Daughter – Mitsuki (Alyssa), Son – Hiruto, Mother-in-law – Candice (Kushina), Father-in-law – Minato, Cousin – Neji
Race: Human, Demon (sealed, but accessible)
Powers: Byakugan, Healing (Adeena)

Bio: Hinata’s mother died when she was young, but whenever Hinata cooked with her before then, always seemed to make her happy. Hinata is resembled as more of her mother’s daughter than her father, as her father is strict to her. As the first child born, Hinata was raised to be the Head of the Clan, when her father felt fit. However, her father always seemed to adore her younger sister Hanabi more than Hinata. When she was at the academy, Hinata developed a crush on the idiot of Konoha – Naruto, and from then on was always too shy to talk to him, and idolised him with her heart. However, trouble occurred when at the age of 12, Hinata was captured and forced to become a host to a demon. This demon was a rare one, that seemed to only work well with those of shy personalities. The demon known as Adeena, was the complete opposite of Kurama, and from then on, only one person knew she was the host to a demon. Her school crush Naruto. By the age of 16, Hinata had found out that she was already pregnant, but she didn’t know how, and due to that she ended up giving birth to Mitsuki, who was her and Naruto’s first child. However, due to the power the child was to possess, Hinata knew she could never see the child. So, when she was fit enough, she grabbed her things from her clan’s compound, and left Konoha. Only recently has she returned to her home town, where she ran into a lovely young girl, and a grown-up Naruto. Her daughter resembled her father more than she did her, and she was glad. She is still getting used to her daughter being in her life again, as she has just recently gave birth – at the age of 21 – to Naruto’s son, Hiruto, who seemed to have inherited more of her personality, as he was shy and looked more like her. This time she didn’t have to leave, as nothing of Kurama was within their son. She is now married to Naruto and couldn’t be happier. Now nearly 25, Hinata is due to be excepting her 3rd child with Naruto, as Alyssa is now 22 and had her own child, and Hiruto is almost 19.

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