Samantha Lacania Namikaze-Uzumakii

Name: Samantha Lacania Namikaze-Uzumakii
Age: 3
Clan Name: SammyShadowLight
Hair: Long Messy Blonde
Eyes: Brown
Race: Human - For Now

Powers: N/A For Now
Family: Mother - Alyssa, Father - Jason, Uncle - Hiruto, Aunt - Shiina, Grandfather - Naruto and Grandmother - Hinata
Bio: She loves being around people like her mother, and loves her parents both equally, however, she has an extremely soft spot for her grandfather Naruto. She loves exploring, but has the tendency to talk to people she shouldn't. Even though she is only 3 she is very bright for her age, and is already capable of slight communication, although there are some words she gets stuck on still.

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