Mitsuki AlyssaMaria (FemFoxShadowLight) Namikaze-Uzumakii

Birth Name: Mitsuki Alyssa Uzumakii
Known Name: Alyssa Maria Uzumakii
Married Name: Alyssa Maria Namikaze-Uzumakii
Nicknames: Lyssa – Mitsuki (Father Only)
Clan Name: FemFoxShadowLight
Age: 21
Birthday: 25th May
Hair: Blonde and Length of Hair Changes, Vampire Side – Silver and Long and Straight
Eyes: Normal Colour Green – but Changes Constantly, Vampire Side – Dark Red
Family: Father – Naruto (Anthony), Mother – Hinata, Brother – Hiruto, Sister – Shiina, Husband – Jason, Daughter – Samantha (Sam)
Race: Human, Nine Tails Fox Demon Jinchuuriki (sealed), Demon (sealed), Vampire (sealed)
Powers: Snow (Kurama), Animal Related (Adeena), Wind and Lightning (General Powers), Fire (Adeena and Vampire)

Bio: When she was first born, she was originally named Mitsuki Alyssa Uzumakii, but a few hours after being born, Naruto had to seal her true powers within her, as because she was so young, she could’ve easily lost control with all that power – especially from being the child of not just the Nine Tails, but another demon as well. However, unfortunately for her, when she was born, her father had been told that she had a bad infection on her throat, which if it wasn’t removed soon… she wouldn’t be able to talk. But Naruto decided that she would have a normal life until she was 5, when he would make her get surgery to remove the infection, and help her be able to speak and talk normally, without being made fun off. Also, at the age of 5, her father started calling her Alyssa more than Mitsuki, so she just assumed that her real name was Alyssa, but sometimes her father would occasionally call her Mitsuki, especially if he was concerned about her. When she got older, she had only seen her mother once, but she wanted to see her more, but she wasn’t able too, as if she went near her, her mother may be scared of her. Lately however, due to being a bit picked on by class mates, and getting scared easily, her true powers have been starting to show more frequently… Is the seal weakening? Only Naruto can answer that question. She originally was born with the snow powers of Kurama – which was the opposite of her father – and general wind and lightning powers. However, due to her grandmother believing that the snow powers where from her lineage, she sealed them away – or so she thought. The only way the snow powers could truly be removed from her was if something happened to Kurama. Thanks to spending time with her grandmother and her father, she found out that her fire power was connected to another side that she was yet to unlock. Her vampire side. However, her father took her into the forest one day, where they came across a bleeding animal, which caused her to end up getting dizzy and collapsing. Her grandmother told her to take a drink of the blood, but when she did, she felt herself being engulfed by her fiery red aura and transforming into something different. She unlocked her vampire side, which was different to her normal self. Long, straight silver hair, and dark red eyes. Her grandmother gave her a necklace – similar to her father’s – which would seal her vampire form and allow her to control it easier, and hide it from her younger brother, as he wasn’t going to get told the truth until he grew up a bit more, because they didn’t want to frighten him. Now nearly 21, Alyssa has finally found someone who cares about her as much as her family does. She has recently married, as her parents have had a third child, her little sister Shiina, and has had a child of her own also. She loves her daughter Samantha with all her heart and hopes that she will grow up to be cared for as much as herself.

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