This is a secluded castle in the far reaches of the western lands forest that Yume has assumed her own. She has a barrier placed around the area thanks to a crystal jewel orb that keeps invaders from attacking. This area is home to Lady Yume, the two pups Sazume and Ichimaru and also her trusted friend and comrade Tomoko (ask for her information).

A few rules for vistors:
1:) If you can not respect me or those here, you will be removed from this group without warning. I will not tolerate such foolishness, we are here to role-play not insult or bully any other member here.

2:) DO NOT bring RL drama here, It is not needed nor wanted in this group.

3:) This is an InuYasha and Cross-Over role-play group, so you are welcome to bring your friends here just make sure they are respectable and follow these guidelines.

4: If you are coming here from another place, please for the love of all things Rp, At least be mature enough to be creative with ideas of how you find yourselves in my home lands.

Have a good time and enjoy yourselves as an honored guest of my home,
Lady Yume Raisha

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