For Those who want to register there

    • Touma Kamijou
    • #143509

      //This is similar to Failbook(Facebook) that purges account there while this one is open to rpers and I’ve been 1 year there in that site since but there is a pro’s and con’s since I observe it

      1. Can search mp3 and put it on your profile

      2. You can like groups or pages there (for example 9gag and other popular pages)

      3. It dont have any friend limits (you can add as many as 10k people there) unlike Failbook



      1. Well as you can see expected you have to see russian language there because “It’s there turf afterall” and rarely see any english or foreign comments there.


      2. The registration when making accounts there is “strict” so if you have a legit email and cp number that you were using its fine just store it there on your profile just in case you cant log in there.

      3. (TBA when I observe some more so this is all for now)

    • Touma Kamijou
    • #143958

      Here’s the sample screenshot of mine for being there