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      Help make this group a greater place! Post suggestions, feed back, and more here in order for us to make changes to better this group. ヾ(●⌒∇⌒●)ノ ThankYou~!

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      Hello my little buttercups~! I have been getting some Private Messages from your fellow Rpers and have come to the conclusion that due to shyness, inactiveness, and multiple other reasons have made my RP become unsuccessful. At this point in time I assumed everyone would have a bonded and we’d be able to progress into the RP. This is not the case. So, I have come to the two decisions of either letting my RP continue being unsuccessful or allowing people to have the option to have their own familiars they have created themselves. The latter, obviously, was probably not the better choice. So congratulations, you’ve worn me down enough to allow this.
      Things can go down one of two ways:
      1. We restart the entire RP with new characters and modified characters
      2. Familiars will be optional to change or switch for non-mythical creatures unless you are someone with the benefits. (If you’re confused feel free to contact me).

      Alright, so just comment #1 or #2. If you have a suggestion better than either of these options please also leave that in the comments.
      The original idea I had for familiars and witches was a test, and if things could have worked out correctly things would have been fun. However, it was a test, and us being humans it’s not unnatural we would be skeptical of most things. And for that, I am terribly dissapointed.

      However, the arrangement being purposed now will be fun too. So just vote. v=( ಠ◡ಠ ) =v