*Finally has time to drop in and visit the new church.* imglhvnw7y-imag
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    *Rika has been rather busy but there was one concern on her mind which was the disappearance of Michael and Noloty. She recalled the last time she saw them was at the modeling agency and even questioned herself if Noloty actually showed up at the Thanksgiving dinner* Hmmm...*taps her chin* ...come to think of it, I don’t think I saw her there at all! Damn that crazy one! *she heads towards the new church and suddenly her worries were slightly gone. She was amazed by the structure and did a bit of a self tour of the place. She found a small private chapel and sat down; she chuckles softly upon realizing that one of the statues was that of Archangel Michael* Michael...*she would softly say his name out loud then closes her eyes and leans her head down, praying to him* Come to me, my friend *she would say after her prayers* Let’s have a good chat like the one we had before. *there was silence at first then she would feel a soft whoosh close to her and suddenly she felt a familiar presence. She looks up and sees Michael standing close to her* Michael! *she quickly stood up and couldn’t help but hug him but she rapidly steps back, blushing and composing herself* Gomen! I almost forgot where I’m at...... *she takes a few more steps back and almost stand in the position of attention* @heavenlysoldier ACCA52B9-82C9-440D-846E-5BBA6D44398E
    *Mischievously dresses as a nun and drops in to admire the architecture of the church and smirk at the looks she gets from the parishioners.* Ej5wc95XYAAdUf7
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    *He lies on the floor looking at the ceiling decorated with mural of angel* I wonder how does dragon quest hero feel when he wake up in the church greeted by priest every time he dies. He also had to revive his party by paying some gold. Hmm... maybe i also should become priest and learn Zing skill so i can revive dead person and make money from it. But for now i should continue my sleep zzzz.... 0347b06839a9947476e2f970b3f07e66
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    *Arrives in front of the Holy Church, he eyes it and grins.* Let's see what dirty little secrets you have. *He walks towards it and starts interviewing some of the members of the congregation as they come out of mass.* Pq5yAm
    *Ranmaru, Ginji and their great grandmother Helena decided to pay the new Holy Church a visit. They were curious about its architecture and who was there. Ranmaru noticed it was very different from Saint Micheal's Church back at the GrandSugarClan Empire. The church they visited seemed somewhat more plain to him but suitable for those who were only going there to worship. But it was still a beautiful structure and they were in awe of the stained glass windows.* @sweetsugardemon @ginji fc1ac0a0b405a4c910e9cb997fe1d520
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    *On his way back to the Heavenly Realms, he decided to stop by the newly erected church and see its structure and its congregation.* unnamed (26)
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    The Holy Church Holy is a sacred structure for those who are believers in the benevolent god or gods/goddesses. They treat heresies as if they do not exist because those who teach the word of God must not acknowledge that which runs counter to their doctrines. Knowing they live in a world of different races and hybrids some members of the Holy Church try not to go hunting down with fervency other groups that co-exist with humans. They are under the impression that beings that are not human can be controlled.However, The Holy Church has a secret faction which specializes in the hunting of Heresy and contains the zealots who feel the heresies should be more proactively destroyed.Pixiv.Id.217454.600.792560