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      Name: Dustin “Dusty” Wilhelm

      Age: 18

      Race: Firekin, but kind of just roams around and does his own thing.


      Affinity: Is generally agreeable and fun loving, but will shoot you through the head with a crossbow bolt if he needs to.

      Powers: Has a pet Ooze named Pumpernickel and a magical hawk named Astora, is incredibly skilled with a sword and has other ranger powers (tracking, heightened senses, dexterity, reaction time, etc.)

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      Name:  Skye

      Age(approx.) 17

      Appearance: Cold, calculating grey eyes. Delicate, porelain white skin. Long translucent silver hair that reflects the moonlight

      Species(cold one, sunbeast,human,etc) Cold one.

      Affinity: The world may never know

      Powers: She can control shadows. Darkness is hers to command. She can take the shadows and make them hard as ice and pierce your heart, or bind you by claiming your own.
      Weaknesses: Skye is usually emotionless, because of this she doesn’t do friendship. She believes it as a weakness. She can’t control her emotions. She gets too attached to easily. She has a paper heart and everyone is burning fire. Her biggest weakness isn’t something normal, it is simply other people

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      Name:Damien Rhapsody

      Age:27(converted 21)

      Race : cold one

      Appearance: 5″ 8 , steel blue hair to his shoulders, grey eyes, pale skin, a long, silk, navy blue coat, no shirt, baggy trousers with a silver clasp belt.

      Affinity: classic/orchestral music, dancing to aforementioned music, the occasional bit of bloodshed, nature, reading. Dislikes excessive noise, boring people or tasks.

      Abilities: conversion of objects to ice, and the capability to pull any inanimate, non mechanical, object from the ice as long as it isn’t bigger than the source hes pulling it from.(e.g. he turns a 1 metre long 0.5 m wide object to ice. Anything he pulls from it cannot exceed these measurements) .also good at weapon fighting

      Weakness: relies entirely upon his weapon fighting and conversion skills, so once disarmed he has limited options and tends to go down quick. Can only convert living objects if there is a sufficient cavity I.e. a large hole in a tree bark, large wound in a person/animal(conversion requires physical contact). (Please tell if I need add more)

      Background: born in what used to be the Scottish highlands, Damien lived peacefully with his father and sister. Damien had no objections when he became a cold one, eagerly honing his battle skills and new found power. He has a flamboyant, cheerful personality, most of the time. Should someone anger him, he becomes bitter and resentful quickly.

      He currently travels in search of brethren to assist. He always has at least one ice sword on his person.



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      (Alright I don’t have time to read every char sheet on here to see if I can make a nice character that is not similar to another’s, but I am lazy so if My character is similar to anyone I am very sorry my good sir…)

      Name: Layla Ebengale

      Age: 15

      Appearance: White hair with side swept bangs across forehead which sometimes cover her right eye, green blue eyes, freckles along nose and under eyes, 5’2, wears an navy jacket (Her dads) when she feels like it, a grey beany sometimes as well, blue long sleeve t shirt thats a little baggy, shorts, and sneakers.

      Species: Coldone

      Affinity: She is very shy and closed off from people, She usually gives the wrong message to people by not smiling and making efforts to make friends. She has one best friend and her mother, her dad died in a car accident. She hates drivers without license but that does’t keep her from trying to move on in life. Layla is a nice person if you get to know her, she tries to be plight but because of her awkwardness some people may feel like she does not like them. She is currently Free of Eni.

      Powers/weaknesses: Layla can summon ice shards, her body is particularly cold but not to the extremes to were she steams in the sun or burns in a hot tub. Because of this she can exhale to make things frost over, she may develop her powers more as she develops in the rp along side you guys. Her weaknesses are spiders, People she cares about (NPC or RPers which will be relatively few), heights, and puppies to an extent, also salt and vinegar potato chips.

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      Name: Leto Deimos

      Age: 19

      Appearance: She is  about five foot eleven and  a bit too thin for comfort. She frequently  wears jeans and button downs. She  is more nomadic so  she is constantly carrying her belongings in her backpack. She often keeps  a fur lined hoodie tied about her waist in case of cold weather .She also wears a pair glasses over her green eyes, though they are broken  where it hooks around the ear so she is constantly fixing them. She has shoulder length dark hair that was thick and curly.

      species: human

      Affinity:  She is very fond of stories and creative products.  she clings to the stories her mom to told her so that Leto can remember. She is also a very strict observer, she is not antisocial however she is more likely to observe situations than to be an active participant.

      Powers: none though she caries a hunting knives in a holster around her ankle. Unless she is changed  she would remain powerless. She is a decent liar, and  loves to learn new things.

      Weakness: some time in her youth, she suffered some kind of blow to the head that damaged her limbic system. The blow lead to a problem in short term memory as well as  the basic responses being delayed (fight or flight response  slowed to the point the threat would need to be active and blatant for her to respond.  needs to set a reminder for many  things.) She tends to be a  bit clumsy and is constantly writing reminders on her hand.

      ((  You are welcome to change her in either direction.

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      He might Look young (around early 20s and late teens) but he is VERY VERY old…

      Blond Hair with a blue streak on one side.

      Human????  (Ice Kin actually.)

      True Neutral

      Powers: Able to morph ice into blades and tools.  Like swords or knives….

      Weakness: Porn and Alcohol (Alcohol in certain amounts can be a strength to him) (Porn distracts him and makes him have a bloody nose)

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