Second Floor: Restaurant

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      It’s only fair you have a great  meal before you embark on more performances and you are all gonna be fairly busy performing around here. *he chuckles.* My name is Rintoki, I’m a great cook, yes but we have several awesome cooks in this restaurant. So sit back and enjoy and then you can explore Sugar Storm Nightclub and feel free to hit the stage and perform if the urge hits you. The club owner is awesome like that! Oh and if you have questions, just ask sis Hibiki. *chuckles*







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      *Sits with his new chef friends at the restaurant.* Minna! So, you’ve been contracted to cook here anytime you like. We have some awesome chefs but I’ve heard you can cook some delicious plates too! Remember, you promised to make me some of your food. *he grins* Well then, this is the restaurant within Sugar Storm Nightclub, feel free to cook and even have your cook-offs here. I think it will be great entertainment to everyone here. And people here love food.

      I look forward to trying your food! In the meantime, sit down and enjoy a meal on us!

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      *Kinzou and Keiichi were helping out at the restaurant at the nightclub. With all the dancing and partying, they knew their family, friends and guests would get hungry so they were ready to serve up the meals cooked by the chefs.*


      Keiichi: *With a gentle smile and welcoming blue eyes, he would bow.* Hello minna! Welcome!

      Kinzou: *His menacing red eyes would scan the whole restaurant and then head over to the people ready to order.* Hai! *he bows* What will you he dining on tonight?

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      *Chuckles* Guys! No need to fight over food! There’s plenty more where that came from. Here’s some of the dishes you ordered! Enjoy! *comes out with a cart and puts mouth watering dishes on the table for them.*