Birth Center & Maternity Ward of Sacred SatouFlame

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      *Faster than the Flash with his butt on fire, Yukiko had changed into her doctor’s uniform, she quickly washed and disinfected her hands and put on some gloves. She rolled Aura into the ultra sound room and checked to see if things were alright with the baby. The baby was certainly moving alot.* Eager to get out here! *she smiles and looks at Aura.* Looks like we’re good to go. *Yukiko then pushes the wheelchair into a birthing room, this would be a natural birth so she helped her into a white tub filled with special slightly warm healing waters and timed every single moment when she told Aura to push.*

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      *She giggled as she eased down into the waters and could feel the pains but at the same time the calmness of the water. As she was starting her breathing she looked at her sister in law and nodded to her* My it certainly seems so yes…it will be soon young one… *she said as she had a hand on her stomach but began to push at the same time and she softly screamed at the hightened pains*

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      *Yukiko was holding one of Aura’s hands. But as soon as she noticed more contractions she had her hold on tightly to a grip on the tub.* You can squeeze that to death. Pretend it’s Rin’s hand. *she giggles and then positions herself at the end of the tub where she can carefully hold up the babies head as it comes out.* Keep pushing!

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      I’m here sorry it took so long I kinda got lost along the way .*Made it by his wife’s side hoping he wasn’t to late and missed the whole thing. Gave her his hand and allowed her to squeeze as hard as she needed to.*

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      * looks to his sis as a smile was seen and a chuckle could be heard from him. He was excited to witness the birth of yet another child of his being born into this world. ” I don’t mind her squeezing my hand at all and I will remember the exercise for her breathing”

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      “What’s wrong with mommy?” *Yuriko went inside the maternity ward and looked around until she found her daddy and climbed onto a chair beside him*

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      *Yukiko frowns as she sees Yuriko in the room. She leads her outside.* Just sit there and wait. *She then shuts the door.* You should know better Rin! She’s too young to be in here. *As Aura’s pains increase, and the timing of the birth comes closer. Once again Yukii washes her hands and puts on new gloves in order to hold the child who’s head was popping out already.* Here comes the baby! *The baby slid out and as soon as it was in Yukii’s hands, she pulled it up and gave it a slight spank, the baby cried. This assured her it was healthy and breathing. She then cut the umbilical cord, washed the baby in a little nearby baby tub and handed it to the mother.* Aura and Rin congratulations, it’s a…….*She was about to tell them the gender when an emergency call came in.* Alright! Congratulations, I have to go tend to an emergency. You can let Yuriko in to meet her sibling now. Have her wash her hands. *she then rushed out of the room removing her gloves and listening to the information she was getting about the emergency arrival.*

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      Yea I do Sis, sorry she was really worried. about her mom. I should’ve had someone in the waiting room with her .* The magical time had arrived, he was going to meet his second son, all he needed was to make him happy was his Wife three kids and his sugar family. *Relieved hearing the cries for the baby was healthy. Kisses Aura then looks into her eyes.* He is beautiful you did an amazing job. I’m going to tell Yuriko she may come back now. *went out into the hall taking his daughter by the hand. *He is here and you can meet your new little brother now. Opened the door to the room leading her inside once again.* See I told you mommy was alright, and that’s your little brother.

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      *Yukii waited for Hinata and Naruto to arrive at the healing center. She realized that she had given Hinata her findings too soon. Once she returned to the lab she noticed a completely different development to the test than what had been discussed during thanksgiving weekend.* I see, the baby didn’t inherit Naruto’s kurama, the baby is the host of adeena! *She noticed a slight and familiar in the blood but it was too soon too tell. She thought it for a while.* It seem this child might have vampire blood. *She shook her head* I wont mention that yet since it’s slight and it might be the effects of bring a host of adeena. *She decided she would go slow with her findings and give Hinata and Naruto information that was certain for now.* Alright! Let’s hope she gets there soon, she will still have a painful birth due to the adeena but I’ll see if I can find something that will ease her child labor.

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      -she had quietly returned to the medical Centre but not with Naruto with her son Hiruo who was not very happy as his eyes had went Silver and his hair purple to show that his mother’s demon Adeena was partly in control as Hiruto was the other host of Adeena- G-Gomen Hiruto s-sweetie…

      Hiruto:: -he sighs as he sees miss Yukiko and realises that besides family she was going to end up knowing his secret- Sh-She’s a doctor… i-it’s fine. -he walks up to her having told his kaachan to go to bed and rest- Miss Y-Yukiko-San?

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      *She watches them come in and senses the changes immediately. She waits for them to come closer as she opens the door.* I’m glad you made it. *she noticed the apprehension on Hiruto’s face.* I know it will take time for you to understand but I’m your family and a great doctor, so don’t worry, you, your mom and anyone else in the family is in good hands here. I’m Naruto’s auntie, even if it’s by adoption, he’s still important and family. *she then looks at Hinata and explains all the findings and let’s her know the birth would still be painful but with the healing waters and the environment she would be in, it would help he in her child labor.* Hinata, try not to leave the healing center. It will be harder to help you if you’re not here.

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