*Leuko kept himself out of view and at a distance as he closed his eyes and summoned forth the powers of the Earthly Seraph from which he originated from. His blood began to feel the flames of the Phoenix. In his hand a weapon slowly appeared, the flames were so strong they could melt the grounds around him. The weapon was a manifestation of his fiery six-wings. He opened his eyes slowly, his body had turned a dark and the flames of the Phoenix within his body threatened to burst out and burn everything around him. Before this could happen. Leuko would recall his first and original name, Leukozethiel. As he did so, his body cooled until he began to regain the form which was most recognizable to those he knew.* Regeneration complete! *he bows towards the village.* Arigato! *then heads back to Kabukicho.* 34d11e0d3d75e69c70fc226cf267df65
    *After a long day of rest, Noloty decides to visit the village and watch the fireworks display* So beautiful!90A59C52-5F9F-4A72-8FDE-A8BE84D5FF4F
    Jean Grey replied to the topic Phoenix Village in the forum Phoenix Peak
    *Jean has been drawn to the tiny village at Phoenix Peak to view the preparation of the Chinese Lunar New Year. She would make occasional stops to a few shops and buy cute piggy decorations for the event* The year of The Pig! *She opens one of her bags and takes out one of the decorations she had bought then giggles* These are so cute! *She continues walking around the village until something caught her eye to the point that she stopped and stood right in the middle of the road. It was the peak! She knew that the volcano was dormant but something inside of it was coming alive. Jean had read the history of the peak and the important event that happens during the Lunar Year but somehow it felt her presence and wanted to connect with her, telepathically. Jean was so captivated that although she was aware of her surroundings, she unconsciously began to slowly engulf herself into flames manifesting the Phoenix bird*// Do not worry, Miss Apple @goldmari I will not cause harm to the village nor to its people. :-)BDDC60A5-4769-454A-88D8-CC58C297653D
    *Tra la la la la* Going to the festival! Oy Good thing I brought this umbrella it's pretty sunny here! 1fe72721a0b4e113451114a8e39d1c60--bending-gintama
    *Helena's son Tetsu had mentioned the festival to Helena. She was excited about the idea and went to see the preparations. She was hoping to bring her cousin Noloty with her but she was still busy working on Valentine's days specials for the Purple Orchid Spa. So Helena went there and watched the townspeople set up for the upcoming event.* They're working hard. This is something we should come and enjoy! Oh  my my *She giggles as she sees the decor.* These are kawaii! *She would greet the townspeople as she walked by each stall to see what they had.* Hello minna! This is looking rather exciting. hehehelena.9918998a3ee7319ef8543109bf4272b4