{This has my own twists in it so its not like the original anime.} *It was like a meteor had hit the remotest of areas in the borderlands as the battle angel had fallen from the skies as her body had been dumped from a helicopter as her own people betrayed her. Upon the completion of her final mission the professor had given her he had the men he ordered to "protect" and escort her safe return attempt to murder her and dispose of her body yet little did they know what would happen and the turn of events that would come about for the angel herself. As her body fell through the skies at high speed she was unable to spread her wings as one had been cut badly as they did not want her to escape alive. Alita opened her eyes and could see thick smoke all around her and it was blurry but she felt the air around her and realized what had happened and this caused her to try and stable herself in the air yet the pain from her wing only made her groan out in pain as she fell toward the ground.* "Hmph so they dare to try and get rid of me...such fools i'll show them all and i'll get my revenge!" *As soon as she had the thought a violent strike bolt of thunder struck and instantly killed all 3 men along with the pilot. Gasping a moment she had the thought in that time that karma must really exist and be looking out for her or that it was just some weird delusion she was having due to the blood going to her head she was not sure at this point. Alita tried to brace as much as she could as her body hit the ground and the air thickened around her almost immediately but she coughed and lay there still for a few moments.* Son of a....ow that really hurt must not have braced hard enough heh so much for this body of mine...what now Lita *She said more to herself than anything as she grunted out then held her arm to her. Her body had suffered some damage but she was on the brink of passing out, even with the cybernetics in her body she was still partly human deep within and the human part of her was in pain and she could not move. For the longest time she rested until not long after she heard a sound that resonated her core and her internal instincts kicked in and she forced her body to stand on alert as she looked around noticing now that when she had fallen on the way down she had transported through some sort of portal into another dimension, it would be here where her journey would begin upon her rescue, b59c0f7c3714b430a02f9aa963bd82671335150668_full
    -Naruto had entered the border with kurama at his side- Kurama: You feel that Hai well let's do some clean up then -he entered bujii mode- ready kurama! Kurama: Yes! Uzumaki.Naruto.600.1088660
    With new arrivals on their way, we have to investigate these reports about increasing activity of dangerous creatures in the borderlands. We thought they were wiped out in the last event but it looks like they've been re-awakened. Let's split up, we can cover more ground this way and let's see what we can find. We'll take our report back to the 13th Bureau! @meaperrary @arrancarsugarspirit @promiscuous kyoichigo.hikari.neliel.noloty
    -beginning of starting over of sorts- *It was a bright afternoon and the sky seemed to still be in darkness as the dawn had not yet broken, it was this time that the demoness loved to roam around freely and see the different colors the sky would bring as the light would stretch across the horizon as she walked through the forest. It was not long for her that she had found herself in this strange new world and she had gotten used to it now to know as she began to make her way around and see all the areas she could explore. She had her claws out and would be on guard and this was a whole new place to her unlike the forest home she knew but deciding she would fight to surivive was her will as she made her way about the area known as the borderlands. She could see nothing for days but as time passed on she eventually made it to what looked like a temporary shelter from the harsh conditions of the lands beyond so she went inside and was able to rest so that she could continue on. After a time had passed she remained in the area for a week to fully rest herself and in doing so she met many who had come to seek safe haven in this new world just as she had. Time passed and she made her way westward where she encountered creatures she had never seen before yet they were strong but no match for her. With a slash of her claws she wounded a few and they backed down leaving her to the elements as she continued on and came upon a large tower in the distance. Making her way there she walked inside and still alert to the end she climbed the crystaline stairs and it looked shimmering diamonds in the light that shown from the window. She went out the door at the top and found herself in the most beautiful forest she had seen and it reminded her so much of her home she chose to live in this place. She would often venture out and when she did she would come across those she would come to care for in time, that is how her journey had come along. [LATERS RETURN] *The demoness had returned to the borderlands after a long time had passed of her being in this world and she decided to see if anyone needed rescue she would get anyone she would find to safety and protect them until they were safe beyond the tower. She saw a creature and prepared her claws with the ice glow of her powers* Well i dont have all day, if its a fight your looking for then you've found it come at me then! u_wouldnt_like_me_whn_im_angry_by_reenigrl_d12nqjz-fullview
    +Yuna who would affectionately become known as Yun, sat down to make a copy of the map he found. He left the other one in the refugee house he had been sleeping in. It was daylight and things seemed promising. Nothing outside seemed threatening and it seemed that the life-size spiders had gone away. His eyes scanned the area and slowly and quietly he pick would sneak out the door. He looked at the map and noticed the path that would lead him to the heavenly tower. This was the place that would be the exit of the borderlands.+ All I have to do is get from point a to point b. +he nods to himself.+ It's now or never.+ His eyes focused on his path, he grabbed a club that had been left in the refugee house in order to defend himself. Fortunately, he made it to the tower without incident. He found the path interesting. There was cobblestone ground as if it had been recently created and not by the usual human construction, by magic.+ So this world does have magic? +This was further confirmed when he stepped into the path and large green leaves created an arch-like wall that would keep him from being attacked by the spiders or anything else that might be in the borderlands. At first, this startled him but when he realized it was not any form of malevolent magic. He continued and found himself at the door of the tower. As he entered he gasped. It was actually much larger than it looked from the outside. But the spiral stairs leading towards the top of the tower looked majestic. Nothing like the abandoned and broken buildings of the borderlands. The inside of the tower practically sparkled. He quickly made his way up the spiral stairs until he reached a gate. As he opened it, a group of people outside turned and waved at him. Some called him over to get into their vehicles. When asked where they would be headed, all said the same thing. So he simply gave in to their pleas. They weren't charging and they seemed like an inviting bunch. Soon, he would be on his way to Sugarview Medical Center. His first stop in this otherwise strange world he had been exiled to.+ tumblr_inline_p8adt9cgCk1se8woq_1280
    +As Yuna was running towards the shelter, he heard strange noises which were becoming apparently louder and seemed to be coming closer. He turned around and to his horror an army of spiders about his height were chasing after him. He tried to use magic and although it would seem to manifest it wasn't strong enough to be used for anything. But his compass pointed towards the shelter.* The shelter, it must be protected by some form of magic. As he passed the threshold he hears the spiders slam up against some kind of invisible shield. He sees them spewing something from their bellies. It would sizzle as it fell to the floor.* Is that acid? *He shook his head.* I must be lucky to find this place. Otherwise, I would have been an easy target.* Slowly, the spiders gave up and ran away. He would let go of a sigh and enter the temporary shelter. He noticed a book of signatures and notes.* So others were here too? *He went and sat behind a row of book cases that were semi-empty. Some dusty old books were on the shelf. And as he was about to lay down, he saw a basket with water and some foods.* Oh? *he took advantage of this, and then found a map that explained to him and whomever ended up in the shelter, how to exit the borderlands of Skyrie.* Borderlands of Skyrie. So this is what this horrid place is. Alright, first some food and water, then a nap and then, I'll try to follow this map. I don't want to run into those things again too soon.+Yuna.D..Kaito.full.2386707
    As Ibuki told her story to her childhood friends, she went back and told of fond memories of her friends... She met Satanachia, Damiana and Leviachan when they were in kindergarden and became close friends. She once ended up on an illegal fishing boat and ended up in another country. With the help of the GrandSugarClan, she was quickly found in another country. She was saved and returned to her temporary guardians. She was always bold in personality and unique in appearance. This often ended up getting her into trouble as people prejudged her but never her friends. Then came a time that they all disappeared from the old world and Ibuki was heartbroken. So she missed them greatly. She wrote their names down and drew hearts around them she she would never forget them. And she kept their names in a necklace that their grandmother Helena gave her. She treasured it and kept it close.The one thing Ibuki loved was wrting songs and playing with her band. She would embrace the heavy metal genre as her music of choice, which turned off many talent scouts that would come watch her band. Ibuki eventually beccame a student of Shiba Academy. She ended up having a daughter, Seiki but because of the circumstances in which this happened, she doesn't know who the father is and didn't want to talk to anyone about it. She then switched schools to remake herself after she gave birth and went to Hope's Peak Academy. She kept her daughter a secret since she was realize there were too many strange deaths and disappearances in the school happening around her. Her goals were to get out from the Killing School Trip and to use her music to make the world happy. Unfortunately Mikan Tsumiki caught the Despair Disease and this lead her to the planned murder of Ibuki, she ended up strangling Ibuki to death. While Ibuki had been an obedient and gullible target, at one point she thought of her daughter. She almost yelled out and by some strange circumstance her supposedly dead body was surrounded by an eerie calmness, she felt herself yanked away from that world as she opened her eyes, he noticed her daughter in her arms. There were tears. She thought she had died but her child's warmth felt real. She held her child tight as the strange calmness unfolded and she found herself in the borderlands.Finding herself in the borderlands, she held her child and snuggled her but then realized that there was something dangerous still lurking around them. She ran and ran with her child on her back until they found shelter. Ibuki was later reading entries in the temporary shelters with names of those who had entered the borderlands and how they were told to go up the spiral stairs of a tower and then signed off with the words. "Wish me luck!" So she did as they did and found herself outside the borderlands and cars were waiting to take her to the Sugarview Medical Center. She was relieved and was eager to get there to make sure she wasn't dreaming and that she and her daughter were saved from the jaws of death. @shonagon @satodemone @satanachia @leviachantumblr_pvh5rpXveM1vy2tgqo9_250
    -Naruto decided to stop by the borderlands- Hmm time to let loose on a few creatures here -he gets on all fours his body suddenly was surrounded by dark red chakra six tails formed from the chakra and a skeleton formed around his body his eyes where piercing white- 08e823a070963c4f3cb78a2296f0b9f6
    *Claudio was originally born to the king of Almyra. When he was a child, there was unrest in the kingdom. Because of his life was threatened, a magician decided to cloak Claudio and send him to another dimension and this is how he ended up at the orphanage of Neo Yokio. There he had spent a short time with Galah and Canary as children but had become very close. They often kept him out of trouble and protected him. They played together and suddenly he disappeared from Neo Yokio as the mage returned him to his kingdom. He was happy to be back home but his heart broke having to leave his friends behind. Never did he imagine that he would see them again. It all happened when he was trying to learn a few spells from the mage that had sent him to Neo Yokio in the first place. The mage would often allow Claudio in his magical chambers. One day the mage died and Claudio went in as he mourned the old mage. He thought of how it would be great to be with the only two who would have probably embraced him at that moment. As he got dressed for the funeral in his noble outfit along with bow and arrow to salute the mage, a mirror in the mage's chambers light up showing him the faces he longed to see. He was shocked. He spoke to them but they couldn't hear him.* I wish I could hug you both! *he said as he reached towards them, he felt a pull in through the mirror. He didn't have time to yell when he was suddenly surrounded by a warm light that seemed to travel along with two others. The moment he felt the light release him he fell on his butt on the floor.* Oww! *he was about to stand up when he was amazed to be in the presence of those he thought of.* How? How is this happening? *He took Galah's hand as he stood up.* My goodness! I never actually thought I would see you! *he then felt Kanary embrace him and Galah. His eyes watered but he was able to hide it from them as he embraced them. Suddenly he noticed a strange movement and pushed them both behind them.* Do we know where we are? *He prepared to shoot his arrow.* There's something scurrying around out there! Stay behind me!71136909_1432801843540716_2625364549989040128_o
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    *Canary grew up in Meteor City. She had become both an assassin and a butler within the Zaoldyck family. At one point some of the family members had disappeared. She was in charge of finding Killua. As she got ready to head out and search for him. She had thoughts of the brother she had been not seen in so long.* I wonder where my brother is.* She saw a strange glow in the mirror. She thought it was just the sun reflecting harshly in the mirror. She went to close the mirror and remembered when she was in school and sun was reflecting so strongly through the window she tried to move her seat but the sun continued to bother her. Claudio stood up and looked at her, he closed the curtain of the window and would smile back her. She remembered how she thought he was cute and had a crush on him. When she turned around the reflection of her brother waving and Claudio jumping up and down waving was reflected in the mirror. At first she jumped back. Her eyes wide and gasps, she then comes closer and tries to speak but doesn't hear them. She saw them extending their hands and she reached for them, she was absorbed and fell right through the mirror. She screamed but a light surrounded her and it was warm and comforting. She could then see two other sources of light follow. Eventually, she felt a thump as she fell seated on the ground in front of a store with mirrors that were starting to crack. When she looked up, her brother was reaching for her and his other hand reaching for Claudio. She was dumbfounded, speech evaded her. She thought she might have fallen asleep. When she was on her feet, she would close her eyes, shake her head and smack her own cheeks then open her eyes again but the scenery didn't change.* Galah? Claudio? Is this really happening? *She jumped forward and hugged them both.* Real or not, I'm so glad to be able to see you! But, where are we?tumblr_2b87976d1ecae0e55a75c5ce86fbcd80_c569bb54_400 (1)
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    // Magical Connection: Skyrie arrival of Galah, Canary and Claudio// @claudio @kanaria*Galah and Canary had been seperated when they were still children. Their parents had died in an accident and they were both taken to orphanages and later adopted by separate families. Galah ended up with a family in Neo Yokio that were well aware of his mage abilities. He would soon become a well known Magistocrat and Demon Slayer. He was used to living among the elite class and was often outspoken and would say things without giving much thought to other people's feelings. He had never forgetten his sister so he was determined to find her. In his spare time, he would cast a spell to track her whereabouts which usually ended without favorable results.One day after finishing work exorcisting a demon from an elite mansion. He came across an mirror that caught his interest. Rather than getting paid, he requested the mirror. Taking it home, he studied it and tried to awaken it's powers. He was sure the mirror was some kind of portal. For some reason, his mind shifted to thoughts of an old friend who had disappeared from the orphanage. Everyone said he might have been kidnapped. His face was always shown on TV and many would say he was missing. He nor his body ever appeared. Galah shook his head.* Why am I thinking of Claudio now? Why now? The turned towards the mirror and noticed it was glowing. An image of Claudio appeared.* What is this!? Claudio, can you hear me? *The image of Claudio seemed to be speaking but he couldn't hear him. The idea that this mirror could conjure up his friend gave him hope that it could find his sister. His thoughts of his sister Canary made her reflection also appear in the mirror. He jumped back a bit. He wondered, was the mirror using his nostalgic thoughts to bring forth images of those he lost and cared about. Canary was waving as if she could see him. He waves t both, excited and smiles. He felt they were so close that he reached for them. His hand went through the mirror, he feel through, darkness engulfed him, he momentarily went into panic mode, he then caught his breathe as he remembers images if his friend Helena telling him that there was nothing he couldn't do with his magical abilities. This allowed him to concentrate. The more he concentrated, the clearer it became to him that he wasn't alone, he felt two other souls were with him but they were surrounded by some kind of light, soon his body was also surrounded by a calming light that guided all three of them towards an exit point from the void. It threw them right in the middle of what looked like an abandoned city, he landed in front of a store in front of Claudio and Canary. Galah's eyes were filled with shock and confusion. He wasn't sure if it was all an illusion. He reached his hand towards his sister Canary and the other hand to Claudio.* Am I imagining this? Is it an illusion created by the mirror? *But as he touched them, their hands felt real. Everything around him felt real. The mirrors cracked and fell apart. Galah slowly stood up and helped his sister and friend up. He was still in disbelief.*toborone
    The Queen of Ashes is actually a 3rd universe being that isn't of this 2nd universe. She herself is the alternate embodiment of what you all think your universal realm of hell is. Now how did she get here? Well The Young mistress was told by her army of Ashes that she was to be the ruler of the realm called...yes you guest it The Realm Of Ashes yes yes i know its getting redundant with this Ash thing but shh pay attention. When the young mistress heard of this she went completely mad knowing that whoever seats the thrown for the realm of ashes is forever stuck doing their job. Passing on souls, punishing the bad and, what not until she was summoned. So you can imagine with a few not so delightful words she ran off but not just running no no she decided hey lets skip through flow of time and space to the 2nd universe andddd here we are now. Sounds like an anime title. DEMON LORD ESCAPES TO THE 2ND DIMENSION. how ironic a demon lord running from something. 4382f6d5045b491d42a173ca9636a714
    Oi! Do you see anything suspicious! Everything seems quiet.... wait, what was that? A....a....spider!!! *runs away* @narutokyuubishadowlightuzumakii crop
    *First there was a little static in an abandoned building room that had an old computer. Then the static grew until at first a carrot dropped, then two. Finally, the static lasted longer and a bright light flashed in the room and sitting on the floor a bunny girl appeared. She looks around the room. Everything is dark. She feels around for her carrots and puts them in her pocket.* Where am I? It's true, you should be careful what you wish for. I wanted to be out of the virtual world for a while but this is not what I had in mind. *She looks around and hears movement. She quickly stands, she tries to adjust her eyes in the darkness. The scurrying sounds made her nervous so she looked for a way to get out of the room and outside where there might be more light. Outside, in the light of the moon, she's able to see around and looks back to see spiders that were about five feet tall, there was some kind of liquid slowly dripping from their bellies to the floor and then the floor would sizzle with the liquid. Her face contorted in disgust and then she finally realized the danger she was in and let out a scream. True to the speed of any rabbit, she hopped and ran fast enough to leave those things behind. She had no idea what direction she was going in but there was a tower visible in the distance. It seemed there was a lantern inside. She eventually found a road where there were signs for a sanctuary. On her way, she finds the temporary hide out and goes inside. She closes the door behind here. There are other's there, she tilts her head as they all looked confused at them and she looks back at them confused as well. She takes a deep breathe and bows.* I'm sorry to barge in , there are monsters out there. I needed to find a safe place. My name is Usada Pekora. Nice to meet you! Hope you don't mind if I crash here for a while. *She then passes out.*maxresdefault (1)
    *When Elijah ended his life along with his brother Klaus, he never imagined he would appear in some strange new world. He wondered if this would be a test for him. Elijah wondered if he would see any of his siblings here. They had, in fact, said they would remain together 'Always and Forever,' but this wasn’t anything at all as he imagined. As he opened his eyes he found himself in a coffin within an abandoned church in the borderlands. He wasn't born into a new world, he awakened in it. He was expecting to be among familiar faces that had died before him. Perhaps this was a purgatory for him. He pushed open the coffin lid, then he slowly got out of the coffin. He was still a vampire. It irked him that his curse followed him to this new world, and yet he felt it would be to his advantage. His suit was dusty so he could only pat it with his hands for now. He would find a stream and bathe in it. He washed his suit there and sat naked by some trees. It was evening and he knew the clothes would take long to dry. He then noticed some strange creatures flash by him but not approaching.* Were those… spiders? *He couldn’t believe the size of the creatures. He remained perfectly still to see if he could focus on them. They were fast so he wanted to see them in case he had to defend himself against whatever creatures they were. He wondered if the place had been abandoned, especially when he noticed broken roads and abandoned buildings in the distance. He heard footsteps. He wasn’t sure if they were human or not since their blood didn’t smell purely human. He grabbed his clothing and hid. He wasn’t up for a fight yet but he would fight if he needed to. He found a branch and broke it, it was was sharp enough to use to impale anyone or anything that approached. He heard the voices of a young female and a young male. The female was surely a vampire but he wasn’t sure about the male. Was she luring the male there so she could eat him? He waited patiently. Perhaps this was the moment he was waiting for, an opportunity to steal her prey. This didn't occur, to his surprise the female approached him at full speed without attacking him. Rather she held out a what looked like a blood pack and since he was so hungry, he took it and drank it but never stopped looking at the two who came to him. The male was searching in his bag for something. The male that was searching had blonde hair and bright amber eyes. The male then pulled out a trench coat from his bag and put it over Elijah's shoulders. It was this strange gesture that led him to believe they were rescuing him. Imagine that, Elijah, an original being rescued by two children. Perhaps they were hybrid like his brother Klaus was. His mind raced with thoughts. He was suspicious of their kindness but accepted it all the same. He figured he could escape from them if he needed to. He felt himself regain his strength but this wasn’t enough, nor was it regular blood, it wasn’t human blood, the female must have read his mind because she said that drinking human blood was frowned upon and punishable by law here. So he looks at the pack realizing it was synthetic. They hadn’t put anything that would make him groggy to his relief, this lead him to believe they were telling the truth. Finally, they did confirm what he was previously thinking. They came looking for lost arrivals to this area which they called the borderlands. The female was named Saya and the male was named Alfonso. They spoke English perfectly well. At least this is what he thought since he understood them and was communicating with them in this particular language. He would see where they would lead him only because he felt lost in this place. They said they would take him somewhere safe. He had many questions as he walked along with them.* My name is Elijah, Elijah Mikaelson. Have you heard of me? Do you know who I am? What is this place? Is this a world of hybrid vampires? Are you two..*He points at them not sure what to consider them,* hybrids as well? Why have I arrived here? I thought I had died along with my brother. *As he walked a short distance behind them. He could tell they were very trusting of him. Either they were very foolish or very confident in their skills. As he was curious and wanted answers he would refrain from attacking unless he was provoked. When Elijah ended his life along with his brother Klaus. He never imagined he would appear in some strange world surrounded by hybrids.* @sayamaebelle @alchemistbrostumblr_o3ch11zdB01v3nshgo2_250
    WOW!!! This place does feels uncomfortable! *She walks around the Borderlands making sure the area was still clear of any threat but what she was feeling had her worried* It's most definitely dark! Who or what could possibly have done this? *She continues her stroll and summons her book of shadows to cast a spell in hope to locate the exact location where this dark magic or whatever it was had originated from and get as much details as possible to report it at the 13th Bureau* Warrior
    // New Solo Entry. //*Ryura's body began to manifest itself. Small orbs of his spirit began to come together forming his body until his form was complete and his eyes were glowing in the darkness while his body seemed like a shadow. Eventually, his flesh began to form upon his body covering his Daiyokai form. His fierce aura throbbed around him as it adjusted to the newly awakened body. He had heard Lord Sesshomaru summon him. He was both angered to be summoned but grateful to be alive once again. Once his manifestation was complete. He walked through the borderlands. It was a broken down place filled with trees that had overgrown and were crushing old structures and tearing them apart. Cracked roads spread out before him, abandoned vehicles and the movement of strange creatures quickly moving and hiding away. He wasn't sure what they were but he paid no mind to them. They were of no concern to him. He caught sight of a tower. His instincts told him he would find his way towards Sesshomaru if he headed in that direction. He made his way there, it took him a while, it was even darker when he emerged through the gates. There were vehicles trying to get his attention and calling to him. But he ignored them and in one step disappeared from his sight. He would be heading straight to the Eerie Eastern Lands where the voice that called to him waited patiently.* @lordsugarsesshy I heard you conjure me! I'm heading your way.MV5BZTFkZTUyMjgtNTIzNS00MjE3LTk2OWUtYzZhYTkxNTU3NDgxXkEyXkFqcGdeQXVyNzU1NzE3NTg@._V1_CR0,45,480,270_AL_UX477_CR0,0,477,268_AL_
    @usaharu Shea and her brother Anko are originally from a world called Tortus. Shea convinced her brother that a vision she had would lead them to a different world. Her powers of divinity proved to be true as they both ended up in SkyrieVerse. Their goal was to help the inhabitants of Lunaris Cottontail Woodlands. They said their farewells to the remaining Haula Tribe in Tortus. They found a witch and were given passage through a dimension which would allow them to travel through the world. The problem was that during the trip through the dimension, Shea's powers of prediction became compromised. As Anko and She held hands they hoped the dimension would lead them to the right universe. They would soon arrive in the borderlands and this is where their adventure begins. The dimensional portal opened to reveal which universe they had arrived in. As they were dropped to the ground, they quickly jumped to their feet. They were prepared to fight only to find there was a silence in the lands. The borderlands were quiet and practically empty. For a moment, Shea questioned her vision. In her vision she had seen a land in disarray but the borderlands were peaceful and quiet, except for a feeling that something dark was trying to surface.* Brother! Let's move quickly and try to see if the land we are searching for is in another area of this place. My visions feel like they are being intercepted or maybe the travel towards this place has temporarily messed with my head But whatever the case is. We have to get a move on! *They would travel through the borderlands until they came across an abandoned cottage where they found a map an a place that seemed to have been circled several times.* This might be it! Shea_Haulia_(Anime) (1)
    -The reunion of the doll sisters- *It was a time since Valindra had officially been given a life of her own upon hearing the news that the creator who had made them had passed away. She looked down at her own hands and then to her feet as she now realized she was human and could go in search of her sister who made alongside her.* This is what it's like to be a human...i wonder if Mirka is also like this now...just how much and how far do i have to search to find her...would she even remember me or much less recognize me?*Vali sighed as she walked out of the old shop she had woken up in and she was full of dust and she felt like she had fallen from the highest shelf ever but it was just the pain from falling onto the floor from the old bed she had been placed on. It had been some time and the family who lived in the house were no longer living there but they had yet to take their things from it and left her behind as well. She then and there made the choice to leave that abandonment behind and go off in search of her sister to make things back to how it should have been for them, a place where they could live together as the sisters they are. She walked for what seemed like a long time before she came upon a path that seemed to be lighting her way in the now darkness of the evening and she was making her way down the streets and suddenly moving out of the way of a speeding car to avoid being hit she fell into a storm drain and was instantly submerged in some dirty water. She groaned and then got to her feet and walked a bit until she was swept off in the current of the water and carried to a whole new place entirely, a new world.*Ew that was so gross..what.." *Before she could finish her sentence the next words that escaped her mouth were where the heck am i as she wondered just what had happened and where this even was as she had no idea. Making her way through the grounds that looked and smelled like they had seen much bloodshed she scrunched her nose slightly then continued on as she could barely see anything due to dust in the winds.* Great so now i am really lost, and what if i can't find anything or anyone out here...no dammit Vali get a grip on yourself your stronger than this come on keep going and your bound to find someone!" *She psyched herself up and kept going for a day and a half until she came upon what looked like a building used for some sort of hideout so she hurried inside and caught her breath but the next thing she saw stunned her, there were others here as well awaiting for someone to find them. This is where her wait began until she would hopefully be reunited with her sister so they could regain the time they lost while they were separated. @nagatsukisakata d9u9ikt-3b43510c-5b47-4817-97ed-e268354c8070
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