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      boy am I glad to see this group here, it has been some time since I logged into Facebook after it disabled both my main and backup accounts. I came here from my friend rei okumura’s advice, it is because I know her personally I was able to find out about this place. I just have not logged in for abit that’s all. Nice to meet you everyone, my Facebook account was named Saeko Bloodrose then changed for a backup to Saeko Reishima. If you knew me nice seeing you again, if not nice to meet you.

    • Touma Kamijou
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      This is something that should take this seriously, it’s a bit dissapointing that all our efforts in fb should not go to waste unless that bastard zuckerberg should change the rules there

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      // my rant is simple, facebook is old, it’s become really boring, it’s annoying the invasive stuff they constantly ask you. I’m glad this place exists! Thank you Skyrie! Thanks Gin for having the foresight to tell us to move here. Best place for roleplay. Facebook can eat our dust!

    • Muzaka Morichika
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      Hi everyone, i did not come here from facebook such as i never did make an account from there, thank god. I did have a page though and somehow it seems that got taken down for terms of service violation when im not even sure what it was i did wrong. Anyway, I am Rennosuke nice to meet you and I look forward to making new friends.

    • Muzaka Morichika
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      well not an account persay but i did come from there in a way)

    • Empty Shell
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      I have not been back to Facebook because of this, each time I try to log in it says it and it’s why I was not able to be contacted until Saneaki called me and told me something was wrong. Has this happened to any of you

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      // um sorry what is this facebook thing you’re talking about? hahah no we haven’t been on and we got sick of that (disabling) so we’re here which is waaaaaaay better. //

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      I also have not been back there, it doesn’t say that for me it says your this yet I know my login, it led me to think someone trying to be me but I may be wrong just a odd feeling I get since I have not been able to log in there myself.

    • Empty Shell
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      Yeah, I thought that too that someone may try to say “that’s not me, they tried to impersonate me blah blah blah” but your right we both may be wrong eh but let’s hope that we aren’t. That’s why I was doing like you and treading lightly for the time being to see.

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      I had to change my password many times from failbook, I still see your page there both of you yet due to this I would suggest send a request for it to be taken down. I know you’d both like to keep your accounts but if someone has a problem truly they will end up messaging saying things that like what happened when someone was pretending to be grand Uncle max….I’m just glad you’re both here safe, Saneaki you too.

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      // Admin ARM: I have to rant about this because I think it’s just amazing to me how many ASSHOLES are on facebook! I hadn’t been on in a while and to my surprise, Tama tells me that someone is using my clan name. She asked if that was my rl profile and I was like “fuck no!” Some guy named Andres Tobar had been using my “Pervy King SugarDemon” clan name but now he has another one as his main one. I wont lie, that shit pissed me off. What the hell is wrong with people when hey can’t use their own brains to come up with a nickname/clanname of their own. We must be like the only ones with a damn original thought on facebook! WHAT THE FUCK?!! Idiot, I unfriended him and told Ryoga to unfriend him. I don’t know if it was jealousy or like a dooffy asshole he said …”oh look duh huh a cool name” and took it without knowing it’s significance. Fuckin idiot! Anyway, I still hate facebook it sucks! I went on there and it just had some idiot on there that pissed me off!
      Over and out! Needless to say I changed my clan name on fb but I wont do it here!

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      // People just want the easy fame. Our family’s got tonz of followers and a lot of fame so they decide to “take” things to do things the easy way. While we all worked for the clan name and to be a part of a great rp family. The rest are just fake coat tail riders. But if I saw it, i’d probably laugh because they probably got reported by people who’ve been reporting our family out of spite. So let him take on the burden we live with hahaha.
      On the other hand, it sucks because if he does something idiotic, people will think you have something to do with it and you dont. Double edged sword there! I totally understand your rant! Thumbs up for being so brutally honest about how you feel.

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