*Captain Yami thanks those that had arrived back at Clover Kingdom with him. Their united efforts allowed Helena to easily guide them back home. He was especially amazed by the ki that Helena held within such a beautiful and delicate looking body.* Amazing! All that and she's so kind. I have this tug in my heart that says I should protect her at all costs.* He keeps his thoughts to himself though and bows as he thanks her* I owe you a debt of gratitude and it's an honor if I escort you back to your realm. If we can go back and forth from here to where you reside then I won't allow a lady to walk back alone. This is the least I can do! *He follows her back to Satou Arcanum.*DnLsZZbX0AAhQoX
    (With Captain Yami's permission. Please don't alter my rp, work through it.) *The residents of the Clover Kingdom that somehow appeared in the new world wanted to find a way back to their area. Since Helena as a keeper of dimensions at Satou Arcanum, she was able to open a dimensional portal which would lead them back to their realm. With their collective grimoire and abilities. She was able to create a path directly to their homes. It took a large team effort to open the portal and keep it open since they wanted to make sure they could path back and forth. And so, Helena would guide them from Satou Arcanum back into the Clover Kingdom. And they would be able to return to the new world as they wished.* I'm so glad I made so many new friends! You're always welcomed to come back and see me. Without you! I would not have been able to keep the portal open for you. Your realm seems to be further from others I've been to. *She would then bow and return to Satou Arcanum.*3e7aa2ee8feb180d480d5918bbd7596f
    Headquarters of the Black Bull Squad "One of the nine squads of the Magic Knights. The squad is known for its destructive behavior and has been regarded as the worst squad of the organization." (Yeah whatever) "The headquarters is in the form of a large house with asymmetric structures. The house consists of multiple stories with most of them made of stones and bricks. It has a large number of windows and chimneys and a single wooden gate for an entrance. The base is located in a forest within the Common Region. Several features of the house are a dining hall where the members have their meals, a kitchen to complement the hall, a public bathing area, an underground cage filled with beasts, and a female living quarters which is heavily protected with traps.Regarding living quarters, it would seem to have been established that the senior members have larger quarters than the newer members. The base frequently changes layout because of Henry's magic. Henry could mobilize the base if necessary." (Source Black Bull / Black Clover Wiki/ Fandom) Members: Yami Sukehiro Captain Asta Member Noelle Silva Member Magna Swing Member Vanessa Enoteca Member Luck Voltia Member Finral Roulacase Member Gordon Agrippa Member Gauche Adlai Member Charmy Pappitson Member Grey Member Zora Ideale Member Henry Legolant Member (Captain and Members above from the Black Clover anime/manga. OC's and Crossover Characters welcomed to join)blackbullhq
    "Royal Capital"royalcapital