Luxury Hotel in Akihabara

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      *Prince Koenma was wandering into Akihabara in search of a hotel for some new arrivals to stay at when he spotted the large hotel.* Whoa! It’s bigger than I imagined it would be. I hope it’s not to pricey. *he looks at his wallet* I need to do something about the my lack of funds. *He still heads to the hotel to speak to the manager about allowing fugitives to stay there for some time.*

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      *She looked up towards the tall building.* This is it! *She was relieved when Sirene got her own room. She was worried they would have to be in the same room when Jun felt she needed privacy after all that had transpired. She just wanted to take a shower, rest and then try to reach her relative. When she finally showered, she ordered a meal and then sat and looked at the city from her window.* I hope this place is safe! But what exactly happened to me back there? *sighs* I don’t even want to think about it right now.

    • Sirene
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      *Sirene remained in a different room from Jun as they got to the hotel. Sirene was able to get into the hotel by way of manipulating the customer service agents there. She was doing her best to maintain her human appearance but it was difficult and her aspect was a lot more like a ghost than a human. She would stand in front of the mirror.* GRRR! Why can’t we just take over the world instead of having to follow Jun around! *cursed Satan Kurotoki under her breath.* Doesn’t matter, I’m here and I’ll find out what happened to my Lord Amon in the process. @devilman

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      *Rock helped the ladies get settled at the hotel. * Ladies! Best of luck in the new world. I think you can rest here at the hotel, find your contacts and make your way to wherever you wanted to go. This is a fun city so enjoy it!
      *Leaves them with some money and goes downstairs where he left Bon in a taxi as he was making sure to get him home.* His name is Bon and mine is Rock. In case we ever run across each other again! *waves to them and then leaves.*


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      *Bon watched Rock go in and out. He handed Rock money to make sure the girls had a room. He would smile as he noticed that Rock was pretty cool for a prisoner and he seemed trustworthy. Rock could have run off with the money and left them behind but he didn’t. Bon felt dizzy and exhausted and was actually glad to have someone accompany him back home.*

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      Alright Bon! *he comes out with a smile.* They’re all set. Here’s a bottle of water for you. Let’s get you home to that great family of yours!

    • Reimu Hakurei
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      *Reimu walked inside with her sister she was glad to be out of that awful place and it seemed to have drained her spiritually as she did feel a little weak from the journey up until now but she looked at them both and when she heard them give her their names she nodded and bows her head slightly as she did not want to fall over* “Arigato to you both for saving me, and thank you very much for rescuing my sister sir Bon!” *She called after them and looked at the money on the counter, she did not want to use it so she put it into an envelope and would return it to him in the morning but for now she needed to rest herself and she noticed her sister was already asleep on the bed and she thanked Nishiki for holding her up*

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      *he was glad to see others making themselves comfy at Akiba’s hotel even if it was temporary. He was out with his partner Botan making sure to get vouchers that would allow escapees to stay there while they got settled in the new world.* This should be enough for now. What do you think Botan?

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      “I think we have enough for the moment dear prince, but I think it is time for us to head back and rest ourselves.” *She placed a hand onto his shoulder as she landed beside him handing him the ones she had in her hands. Looking to him she felt a little tired but she knew that if any more needed shelter after escaping into this paradise world she would hand out a few more if need be. She turned to her partner and dearest one she held in her heart* “What do you suggest we do Koenma? Remain or head back to rest for the moment, we can always come back if need be.”

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      Excellent! *he looks at her* We certainly do! We’ll take these back to the bureau so that anyone heading to the borderlands can take them and hand them to the fugitives. We’ll make a few stops here and there Botan and then head back to Hades before Hadesu finds out I’m not working at my desk. *chuckles but then notices Botan looks a bit tired.* Botan, why don’t you stop at the Purple Orchid Spa for a while and rest while I head to the S-Clan Bureau and drop these off, then we can head over to the Foxflame Ballroom.

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      “I am fine I can handle this…” *Botan felt close to losing consciousness as she caught herself and nodded to him but she really did not want to leave it for him to do alone as he had so much work to keep up with and only wanted to remain at his side to assist him any way she could but she knew that if she were sick or hurting he would be worried for her and she would feel it her fault his work would not be done. She sighs then agrees to go as he told her but she would wait there for him knowing he would go to get her so they could go to the ballroom together* Alright my prince, I will do so.

    • Rika Minami
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      *Rika arrives at Akihabara City with Jean and before settling at the hotel, she decides to give her a tour. First they went shopping, the afterwards she invited her to a restaurant and there they had some pretty good conversations. Rika learned that Jean belongs to an affiliation named “The X Men” which were a group of mutants, with levels of different superpower abilities, who work together to save not only other mutants from harm but also humans as well. She was fascinated with her way of life and felt that Jean may actually like it here when she gets to know who she is and the rest of the clan and learn that they are very much the same in the sense of protecting humanity* Incredible! *Rika shared her fair share of her story and even told her how she gain the ability of telepathy and telekinesis. Once they were done dining, they continued doing some more shopping and eventually Rika would glimpse at Jean every once in a while and giggle when seeing her shocking expression about the Skyrie World* See it as a second planet Earth! We have it all here! You know…like Star Trek! *chuckles*


    • Jean Grey
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      *Jean literally walked zombie-like overwhelmingly impressed as to where she was. She felt that she was trapped in a virtual reality dream but with the occasional trip or bumping into someone was enough for her to know that she was indeed awake and walking in this unknown paradises* Wow, Wow and WOW!! *She was extremely grateful that Rika had given her a tour and learned a great deal about her. She felt comfortable around her, not only because she was also a mutant like her but because she made her feel welcomed. She giggles at her last remark* Star Trek?!? *laughs* Then I would definitely want to meet Dr. Spock! *They head to the hotel and she gets the key to her room. Rika had invited her to a Christmas event and she wasn’t quite sure if she wanted to go for she still had one thing she was worried about and it was the whereabouts of her teammates* Thank you for the invite, Rika! If I feel better then I will definitely go! Thank you so much for your hospitality! *Shakes her hand then heads to her room*