City Park of Akihabara

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      *Behind the tall buildings there was a City Park. During the day people would go there to sit and relax. Children would enjoy themselves in the playground area made just for them. At night the cool kids would take over to hang out, play basketball, skate, and do other activities but sometimes shady characters would also be lured to the area too.*

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      *Ranma rode his bike around the city and noticed the park. He had been sitting there on his bike admiring the area for a while.* I should tell the officers they should stop by here on their patrols too. This can become a dangerous area after dark. *he then put his feet on the pedal and took off into the center of the city where there was more activity so that he could check out what places he’d bring his wife Akane to.*

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      *Ryoga was looking around at the buildings all confused.* Where the hell am I know? *He wondered* Damn, I’m lost again! *but his eyes lit up when he saw someone on a bicycle, wearing a familiar martial arts outfit.* That braid! I know that braid anywhere! *he ran quickly towards Ranma* Wait brother! Don’t leave me here! WAIIIIIT! I’m lost! *he ran until he was almost behind the bicycle and it was within his reach.* Don’t you dare leave me here! RANMAAAAA!

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      *It was still early as Damiana walked through the park but there were still gangs and other questionable characters in the area. None of them bothered Damiana, they admired her. The few that had tested her didn’t fare too well so she had her own reputation carved out. She did recognize a few she had made friends with and would greet them. She was headed towards the hotel area where she could change before heading to the headquarters to report her findings at the road to gehenna’s gates but she would take her time for now.* Hi minna! Not making trouble are you? *she would wink*

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      *The Triplet Devils had spent time at the park at Akiba. They brought their skateboards and talked about the events that had taken place with family. After understanding they had to accept certain departures, they contemplated their own mortality. With the diverse fusion of family backgrounds, the wondered what their fate would be.* 
      Ryuuji: Seriously brothers, haven’t you given it much thought? What does this mean to us? Will we live as long as the elders or will we perish early in a battle for our lives?

      Kota: *He looks over at Ryuuji and shrugs and then puts the skateboard on the ground and begins to gain speed ahead of Ryuuji and Ouzou.*

      Ouzou: *Ouzou chuckles.* There’s your answer. What’s the point of even thinking about it Ryuuji. Sure, it’s interesting but we wont gain anything by knowing. We’ll go the way we go. Most creatures and humans life spans are as unpredictable as a rollercoaster ride so trying to figure that out would be like racking our brains for nothing.

      Ryuuji: *he puts down his skateboard.* Well, I tend to disagree. I believe that knowing would actually be to our advantage.  I do agree that it’s rather unpredictable but look at our family, I’ sure someone would be able to tell us our fates. We have several soul reapers, shinigami and others in our family, including grandmommy Helena who would be able to tell us our future. All we have to do is ask!

      Kota: *He returns and catches some of the conversation. He gives Ryuuji and angry look.* Don’t you date ask grandmommy Helena any such thing! We will make our own fates and if you want to know when you will die that’s fine but I don’t want to know. I don’t think that would help me in any way!

      Ouzou: *Nods* I have to agree with Kota on that one!

      Ryuuji: *Sighs* Alright, I wont ask her. But at least I know you don’t mind if I find out my own fate. But for now, let’s drop the subject and just skate.


      *All three get on their own skateboards and skate around the park for a while, they join up with some friends and then afterwards they head back to their homes.*


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      *Kaname and AkutoSosuke were heading home from work. They hadn’t seen their boys, in a while. The triplet devils had gone to stay with some friends in Akiba and Kaname and AkutoSosky were fine with this. She figured they might be in the park which was their favorite place.* I bet they are around here. Let me call out to them. *She yells out* Kota! Ryuuji! Ouzou! Are you in the park today? *she would look over to AkutoSosky and laugh, she knew she was loud and if they were there, they would hear her.*

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      *looks at his wife Kaname.* -_- You’re positively loud! But umm, you do realize we can just call them on their cell phones. Or just call Ryuuji, we know they’re usually together.

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      *Bon had been napping in the tree above them, he was startled and almost fell, he only had enough time to grab on to a branch.* Damn it Kaname! It had to be you! you scared the living bejezzuz outta me!!! Oh hey there brother AkutoSosky! How’s it going? *Jumps down completely.*

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      *Laughing* Brother Bon, you looked like Gori pops when he’s handing from a tree. You aiming to be gorilla number 2? Hey how you doing? The wife and I were just taking a walk. Seriously, are you practicing a combat tactic of sorts? What were you doing up there?

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      *Glares at them* Oh sure! Make fun of me! No! *hops down and gets closer to them.* I’m not aiming to be gorilla 2 damn it! Yes, I was taking a nap. I had just gotten off patrol of the area. geez you two are harsh. He laughs.* If you’re both heading back home. Mind if I keep you both company?